Cycle Rally 2024

Chinmaya Vidyalaya , Annanagar conducted a Cycle Rally on 15.06.2024. The rally was inaugurated by Dr. S Bhavanishankar Director of Lalaji Memorial Omega International school Kolapakkam, Chennai, who is also a Chairperson of Chennai Sahodaya School Complex, along with Our Principal Mrs. V Gowrilakshmi. Around 50 students from class 8 participated in cycle rally to create awareness on significance of cycling . Cycling not only improves cardiovascular fitness, strengthens muscles also helps to maintain a healthy weight. It is not just a mode of transportation but a versatile activity that promotes both physical well-being and environmental sustainability.

Vishnu Sahasranama Chanting

We are happy to inform that 11 students of our school along with our Sanskrit teacher, Mr.Kannan , attended a special mass Vishnu Sahasranama chanting event, on May 1, 2024, from 3:00 PM to 6:00 PM at Kuchalambal Kalyana Mandapam, Chetpet, Chennai. This event was graced by special dignitaries, and there were over 2,000 children chanting Bhagavan’s Naamas in unison.

Annual Get Together 2024

Chinmaya Vidyalaya, Annanagar hosted the Annual Get Together to strengthen the bonding of Chinmaya family and to felicitate the staff for their long and dedicated service and to bid adieu to the retiring and the outgoing staff of the Vidyalayas. The retiring and outgoing staffs were honoured. Swamiji appreciated the efforts of Art and Craft Department for the wonderful onstage decoration. He congratulated the team spirit of the faculty in making all the arrangements. The Annual Get Together served as an occasion to meet the members of the Chinmaya family.

Chinmaya Jayanthi Celebration

Chinmaya Jayanti, Celebrated annually, marks the birth anniversary of Swami Chinmayananda. We celebrated our revered Pujya Gurudev’s 108th Jayanthi on 8th May 2024 in our school auditorium. Chinmaya Jayanthi celebration served as a reminder of the importance of spiritual growth, service to humanity and practical expression of love.

Rama Navami - 2024

This year Rama Navami was celebrated in our Vidyalaya in a grand manner on April 17th 2024. It is a festival that commemorates the birth of Lord Sri Rama, the seventh avatar of Lord Vishnu in the Treta Yuga. The programme started with an invocation to seek Lord Rama’s blessings. Rayna of class 3 gave the significance of Rama Navami. Our sanskrit teachers Mr. Kannan sir and Mr. Ravi sir guided for the pooja. Our Principal and Vice- principal performed the pooja. The students of class 3 rendered beautiful bhajans which brought tremendous spiritual energy and filled the atmosphere with divinity. Rama Ashtothara Namaavali was chanted with great devotion. The pooja concluded with Maha Aarti. Kyathi jain of class 3 proposed the vote of thanks. Prasadam (Kosambar), paanakam and buttermilk were distributed to all.

Earth Day - 2024

Chinmaya Vidyalaya Annanagar celebrated ‘Earth Day’ on 25th April. Students of classes I & II made flower beds in front of their classes and planted various plants and understood the importance of protecting plants, watched videos connected to Earth day highlighting the importance of protecting and preservation of nature, stop pollution, clean drinking water, litter free classroom, planting more trees and recycling and reusing. The students learnt Earth day song and also took a pledge not to use plastic bottles to drink water.

Thiruvilakku Pooja

The teachers and staff of Chinmaya Vidyalaya performed Vilakku pooja on 26.03.2024 in a grand manner in the school campus. The pooja was performed by our Principal and Vice Principal and led by the team of teachers. Deities were decorated with beautiful flowers. Lalitha sahasranamam was chanted melodiously. Bhajans sung by the teachers brought tremendous spiritual energy, filled the atmosphere with divinity and took everyone to a higher level of consciousness and made it a memorable and devotional occasion.

Ganapathy homam

Ganapathy homam, Hayagreeva homam and Dhanvantri homam were peformed in our school campus on 27.3.2024 to ensure health, long life and spiritual well-being of everyone. Havan purified the entire atmosphere and left a divine impression in everyone’s heart. Holy verses chanted during the havan, relaxed everyone’s mind and brought them closer to God. Aarthi and bhajans by the students created peace and harmony which helped them to grow spiritually. This enabled the students to contemplate on themselves and determine to do their best with the blessings of God. Havan brought a positive vibration in the campus.

Kindergarten Graduation Day - 2024

Chinmaya Vidyalaya Annanagar celebrated its kindergarten graduation Day on 22nd March 2024 at the school Decennial auditorium. The occasion was graced by the chief guest Shri P.G Subramanian, Principal, Bhavans Rajaji Vidhyashram, Chennai. The cultural program began with an inaugural dance followed by a Holi dance which was very colourful.. A song on the importance of healthy food was also presented by the little ones. A skit on Lord Ayyappa story was enacted.

Blood Donation Camp - 2024

Chinmaya Vidyalaya Annanagar and 1 TN (BTY) NCC Chennai jointly organized a Blood Donation camp on 03.02.2024 in our Vidyalaya from 8.30 am to 12.30 pm. 61 units of Blood were collected. Above mentioned camp was organized under the able guidance of Lt Col Baratwal SM and Chinmaya Vidyalaya Principal Mrs Gowrilakshmi.

Inter School Basket ball tournament

West Chennai Sahodaya Cluster Inter School Basket ball tournament was conducted by our school on 6th & 7th February 2024 at our school premises. 15 teams from various schools participated in the tournament. Around 180 students (boys) showcased their talent. The winners of the tournament were SBOA Jr college and the Runners were Bhavan’s Rajaji Vidyashram.

Kindergarten sports meet - 2024

The 34th Kindergarten sports meet was held at our school premises on February 3rd 2024. Shri. M.VINOTH, Chennai district athletic coach (SDAT) was our chief guest. The school flag was hoisted by the chief guest followed by LKG kids march past. Lighting the torch was done by the UKG torch bearers followed by oath taking. The chief guest declared the sports meet open and gave a motivating speech encouraging kids to participate in sports. Final events, namely Cycle race, lighting the lamp, balloon fixing and traffic signal race were conducted for the LKG and UKG students. It was followed by parent event and a special performance on Silambam, Skating and Gymnastics by the tiny tots. Prizes for all the events were distributed by the chief guest. In the end, UKG students performed a mass drill by holding colorful disc in their hands.

Educational trip - FARMGURU

The children of class V went to FARMGURU as a part of their educational trip. It was a memorable day for the children. The children learnt about farming and the life of farmers. They enjoyed the bullock cart ride with their friends. Artificial water fall was another attraction of the day. They celebrated Pongal festival in the farm, in the village set up. They danced and prepared pongal and made it a day to remember forever.

Republic Day Celebration - 2024

Republic Day is celebrated in our Vidyalaya every year with great zeal and enthusiasm. Bulbuls of our Vidyalaya welcomed the chief guest, the correspondent and the vice principal through their colourful dance. The Correspondent Mr.B Vishwanath welcomed the gathering and the Principal Mrs. V. Gowrilakshmi introduced the chief guest. Our Alumnus Shri Sudhan.D.V Assistant commander CRPF Chief Guest of the day, unfurled the National Flag and inspired the teachers and students with his inspiring thoughts. The March Past by the NCC, Scouts and Guides and the students filled the air with patriotic ferver. The young talents of grade 1 to 5 were awarded with prizes and medals. Middle school students performed a patriotic dance and the day ended with the rendition of the National Anthem.

Educational trip - Dakshinchitra

Children of class IV went to Dakshinchitra as a part of their educational trip. It was a memorable day for the children. They visited many houses of cultural heritage. The children enjoyed the bullock cart ride with their friends. Puppet show was another attraction of the trip. In the evening the children were taken to the famous Matsya Narayana temple and the children chanted Gita in the divine presence of the God.

Educational trip - Vandalur

The children of class III went to Vandalur as a part of their educational trip. The children enjoyed visiting animals in a battery car with their friends. They learnt about different animals and their habitats.

Educational trip - VGP Marine Kingdom and Uthandi

On 24th January 2024, students of class II along with their teachers went on a field trip to Matsya Narayana temple at Uthandi and VGP Marine Kingdom at Injambakkam. Children had the opportunity to chant ‘Gita’ inside the temple Premises. Later, children went to VGP Marine Kingdom at Injambakkam. Children were fascinated with the different species of fishes in the grand Aquarium.

Educational trip - Railway Museum

The students of Class I visited the Railway Museum on 23rd and 24th of January 2024 as a part of the Annual Educational trip. The students got a wonderful exposure to our Indian Railway system. They also enjoyed their tour in the toy with their friends and teachers. Students also witnessed the working system of the electric and diesel engine trains. They were made to visit various kinds of coaches and understand more about the amenities inside the coach.

Pongal Celebration - 2024

The pongal festival was celebrated with great enthusiasm and fun in the Kindergarten. The Pongal was cooked in the mud pot on the firewood stove in main block. Everyone gathered around the pongal pot saying “Pongalo Pongal”when the pongal was being cooked. The students enjoyed the programme as they could witness the culture and tradition through various performances. Students understood the greatness of the Harvest festival and the importance of farming.

Prana prathista of Ram Madhir

Chinmaya Vidyalaya Anna nagar joyfully celebrated the historic prana prathista of Ram Madhir in Ayodhya, uniting in display of devotion and cultural extravaganza. Vidyalaya was decked up with saffron flags and brightly lit lamps to welcome Lord Rama. Auditorium was adorned with vibrant flowers which brought out a festive fervour and jubilation among the children. Ramar pattabhishekam portrait & temple set up on the stage created a spiritual fervour among the audience. Much awaited consecration ceremony of Ram Lalla was live streamed through Mega Screen in our vidyalaya. Cultural shows by the Primary and middle school children on Ramayana were the greatest entertainment which took them back to the Treta Yug. The Fireworks were another attraction which filled the atmosphere in a festive mood. Their dazzling lights and thundering sounds created joy and excitement in children. ‘May Lord Ram give us all happiness, good health and fulfill our endeavours in life’.

Chinmayam 2023

Chinmayam 2023, a cultural extravaganza gives a repository of multifarious events on a platter for every boy and girl of Chinmaya Vidyalayas in Chennai to unfold their potential. Our school hosted it this year on the 17th and the 18th of November in a grand manner in our school auditorium. For the inaugural function, our Zonal Director, Shri. O.V.Nambiar and Shri. C.Satyamoorthy the Director Chinmaya Vidyalayas presided over the inaugural function on 17th November. On day two valedictory functions was graced by Spiritual Mentor Swami Mitrananda and two other eminent people from the field of entertainment Ms. Sivaangi K was the Chief guest and Mr, Praveen Muthurangan was the Guest of Honour. This year it was a stupendous performance by the host school and all the trophies for the three categories were lift by CVA. The most coveted award Mr. Chinmayam title was bagged Ritesh the Cultural Secretary of the school.

Diwali Celebration - 2023

Diwali, the festival of lights was celebrated in our kindergarten block on 10th November with great zeal and zest. The school campus was adorningly decorated with hangings, balloons and beautiful Rangoli.

Educational trip to Mysore – STD IX & X

On 25th October 2023 students of class X & 29th November 2023 students of class IX from Chinmaya Vidyalaya Annanagar accompanied by teachers embarked on a 5-day educational trip to Mysore, Shravana Belagola, Srirangapatinam, Halebedu and Belur.

Amaaya - 2023

The grand event of Amaaya took place in our Vidyalaya on 3rd and 6th of November in our school auditorium. The students of STD IX, X, XI and XII were the active participants of this program. Our principal Mrs. V Gowrilakshmi presided and inaugurated the cultural event on 3.11.23. The nostalgic alumni were humbled and agreed to preside as the judges. After every event the judges declared the results and gave a feedback to the participants on their performance. The second day event entered the final stage with Aswin of std XII, bagging the title of Mr. Amaaya and Ritesh of std XII securing the runner up position. The students and teachers motivated and enjoyed the program.

Educational Trip - Hampi

Four day trip to Hampi situated on the banks of the Tungabhadra River in the eastern part of central Karnataka is chosen by UNESCO as World Heritage Site. Around 100 students of class XII & 100 students of class XI were taken on an educational trip to learn more about the rich heritage of our country as well as our ancient history too. It stands as an testament for our rich culture and heritage and they speak volumes about Bharat despite being ravaged by the invaders. Certainly this break provided relaxation from mundane life.

National Unity Day

The students of 9th standard - Chinmaya Vidyalaya Annanagar paid commensurate tribute to Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel on his birth anniversary, 31st October. Various programs were meticulously conducted inside the school premises as an honour of the Iron man of India.

Mathru Puja - 2023

Mathru Puja was performed on 28-10-23 in connection with Navrathri. It is a special puja performed to revere the Devi who resides in the form of mothers. The Primary choir enthralled the audience with their mellifluous bhajans. Aadhya Venkatesh recited the Mathru Panchakam while Aadya Nair rendered a beautiful song on the Divine mother. Everyone collected prasadam and left the venue with a divine feeling in their hearts.

Childrens day Celebration 2023

Childrens day was celebrated with gaiety and fervor at Chinmaya Vidyalaya Annanagar on 14th November 2023. It was a fun filled day for students. Childrens day is all about respecting and honoring children who are considered to be the future leaders of the nation. They are the valuable assets and the future of our country as well as hope for tomorrow. The teachers actively took part in dance, music and standup comedy to entertain the students. The school organized a painting competition on the topic “Peace” on this day.

Food Project Day

Food Project Day was celebrated on 26th October, Thursday, in the Kindergarten department. The theme being countries of Civil Society 20 (C20), students presented food culture of different countries like Germany, Canada, USA, Russia, China, India, Indonesia etc, in a vibrant and colorful manner.

Chinmaya Khel Mela 2023

Chinmaya Vidyalayas Chennai, conducted the All India Inter Chinmaya Khel Mela Athletic meet 2023 from 7th September to 9th September 2023 at Nehru Stadium, in which our school students participated and won various prizes. In the boys Under – 16 category, Deepak Kumar of Std IX won the silver medal in both 400m and 800m. In the girls Under - 16 category, Riddhi Shree C K of Std X won the gold medal in Shot put, while Shrujan Sri of Std X won the bronze in 400m. In the boys Under – 19 category, Gokulnath P J of Std XII won the silver in both 400m and 800m. Nagulan S of Std XII won the bronze in 100m and Shashank of Std XII won the gold medal in Discus Throw In the girls Under – 19, Shruthika of Std XI won the silver in Long Jump while Sana of Std XI bagged the gold in Shotput.

Swachh Bharat Mission 2023

On October 1st 2023 as per the Swachh Bharat Mission initiative, Students of Class VII to XII enthusiastically took part in Swacchata Hi Seva - Seva in different temples in and around Anna Nagar and Uthandi in ECR. Children visited BalaMurugan temple, Maha Ganapathy temple and Chandra Mouleeswarar temple. They cleaned the mandapam of the temple and the statues of the deities, they also helped to pack prasadam for the devotees. They did their service dedicatedly. Few parents also supported us in cleaning the temple venue. The in-charges of the temples appreciated the service rendered by the students and also encouraged them to extend their service in future 10 students, Principal & Mr. Arumugam – PET took part in the cleaning drive project initiated by honourable Tamilnadu Governor Shri. R N Ravi at uthandi beach . The children had a profound impact on serving the society. The school also received the certificate.

34th Annual Day Celebration

Our Vidyalaya celebrated its 34th Annual Day on 7th October 2023 in which students of our Vidyalaya enacted the voyage of Kauntinya. The chief guest of the day, Shri. Sadagopan Krishnan, the Senior Vice President of Ashok Leyland as well as the Independent Director of the Indian Oil Corporation Ltd, received a grand salute from the NCC cadets of our vidyalaya and a warm welcome from our honourable correspondent, Shri. B. Vishwanath.

Guru Aaradhna day - 2023

On the Guru Aaradhna day the solemn event began with the chanting of Gita 4 followed by Guru paduka procession by the senior secondary students by chanting Guru stotram & Guru paduka stotram. The procession was followed poorna Kumbam & paduka pooja. Swami Mitrananda, acharya witnessed the day’s activity. Melodious bhajans were rendered by the school choir. A dance recital on the namavali of gurudev was performed by the middle school children. The senior secondary students expressed the verses of Gita 4 in English. A primary student Adya, brought forth a verbal picture of the movie The Quest. Based on her expressive presentation Swami Mitrananda conducted an inter active session with the students with a touch of his experiences with his master. As a day of Sadhna, akanda nama japa was observed throughout the day where a close connect was felt with Gurudev by the students & the teachers. The day concluded with Chinmaya Arathi and Prasad distribution.

Independence Day Celebration - 2023

On 15th August 2023, Independence Day was celebrated grandly in Chinmaya Vidyalaya Annanagar. The chief guest was Dr. M A Raja, Director of Oncology Services and Chairman of the Medical Advisory Board at MGM Healthcare and Cancer Institute. The Chief Guest’s inspiring speech instilled the true spirit of patriotism among all in the audience. This was followed by the Prize Distribution to students for cent percent attendance in the academic year 2022-2023.

Alumni meet 2023

On 15th August 2023, the alumni of CVA were invited to come and visit their alma mater. Alumni from various batches came forward to reminisce nostalgically about their school days and the role the school had played in their lives. They shared how the teachings and guidance given in school had prepared them to become holistic and instilled in them the confidence to face challenges with courage. The alumni also volunteered to take turns and share their experiences with the students of Senior Secondary classes, advise them regarding the courses to be taken, as well as give them tips to tackle challenges in life.

Onam Celebration - 2023

The history, significance and importance of Onam were presented through a beautiful and enlightening speech. Students from classes 11 and 12 performed a brilliantly choreographed dance of some of Kerala's most prominent dance traditions, including Thiruvadhirakkali, Mohiniyattam, Vanjipattu, and Kerala folk dance. It was an incredible performance that highlighted the cultural depth and diversity of Kerala- “God”s own country”.

Kinder Garten Onam Celebrations

A skit on Vamana was enacted with full of enthusiasm. A Krishna Bajan was sung by a group of children doing actions. As a highlight of the celebration avial making was explained by using real vegetables. The nutritious value was explained. The character walk depicted the state dances of kerela. A group dance was performed by the children. A race was conducted to make a pookalam which induced creativity in the young minds.

Krishna Jayanti Celebrations

Janmashtami, the birthday of Lord Krishna-the darling of the masses, was celebrated on 4-9-23 in our school. On 6th September, the Krishna Jayanti celebrations continued. Pooja was performed in the evening by teachers and students of other schools who had come for Khel Mela. The cultural program consisted of Krishna songs by the school band and dances by senior students.

Kindergarten Krishna Jayanthi celebration

A peppy action dance by the tiny tots to an enchanting Krishna song was a real treat to the eyes. Kids narrated and enacted the story of Krishna and the Govardhan mountain beautifully with lot of expressions. The grand costume and props added colour to the skit. Next in line was a melodious Krishna song ‘’Makhan chora” rendered by LKG kids with action. Riya and Lingesh of UKG explained about Krishna Jayanthi celebration confidently. It was followed by an attractive Krishna Radha dance by the tiny tots which was the highlight of the program. Finally, a “Krishna Sudama” race was conducted for the children instilling the value of friendship in them. Newspaper flute making class activity was done in all Kindergarten classes as a part of the celebration.

Teachers day Celebration – 2023

'THOSE THAT KNOW, DO. THOSE THAT UNDERSTAND, TEACH' was the slogan put up by students of Std XII on Teacher's Day which was celebrated on 11th September 2023 in the school auditorium. The students put up a cultural program for the teachers as a token of their gratitude. The program included a medley of songs by the school band and vibrant dances by the students. It was an enjoyable and relaxing afternoon for all the teachers and a break from their busy schedule.

Ganesh Chaturthi Celebration

Ganesh Chaturthi, the festival marking the birth of Lord Ganesha- the God of prosperity and wisdom, was celebrated with a lot of enthusiasm on 15-9-23. The spirit of celebration and festivity permeated throughout the school. We hope that Lord Ganesha would bless all of us with wisdom, prosperity and good fortune.

Investiture Ceremony and CCA inauguration - 2023

Investiture Ceremony and CCA inauguration was held on 5th July 2023. The investiture ceremony is a solemn event where responsibilities are bestowed upon the student council. A new set of leaders were chosen to serve the school. The student council members were honoured with badges by our correspondent Mr. B Vishwanath and our special invitee Mrs. Shreeja Mohan our alumna 1998-99 batch. CCA inauguration marks the beginning of the CCA activities of the school. It recognizes the talents of students making them all rounded individuals.

108th Chinmaya Jayanthi mahotsav

To mark the 108th Chinmaya Jayanthi mahotsav, on Sunday 16th July 2023, the staff, students & parents of Chinmaya Vidyalaya - Annanagar in association with Chinmaya Mission - Chennai performed a haven with 108 homa kundams. More than 500 people participated in this homam including students of Class 10,11 & 12, parents and teachers. The aim of this haven is for a sound health, prosperity, family oneness & social welfare. Swami. Sureshananda, guided students in performing the homam. The havan started in the early morning, which was followed by a talk on the mahima of the ancient Indian culture , explained by H.H.Swami Mitrananda. Collective chanting of Ganesha Gayatri , Danvantri mantra & Medha suktam created a wonderful aura and energy was high. Teachers, students & parents were soaked in the bliss and proceeded home after Prasad. This was an endeavor for fulfilment of body, mind and spirit.

The World Population Day – 2023

The World Population Day was celebrated in school on 14/7/2023 to create awareness about the increasing population and its related issues. An awareness song, dance and skit emphasising the importance of solving the problem of overpopulation was performed by the students of STD XIC and XID.

Annual Sports Meet 2023

34th Annual Sports Meet was celebrated on Friday 28th July 2023. The Chief Guest for the opening ceremony Smt. Soumini Srinivas former president of Tamil Nadu Billiards and Snooker Association. The Chief Guest for the Closing Ceremony was Mr. P.K. Anilkumar National Umpire in Hockey, International Technical Officer in Hockey. The Cauvery house won the trophy for their theme while Ganga house won the trophy for the march past. The exemplary sportspersons of the school running with the torch to light the cauldron inspired every student. Mass drill was the cynosure of all eyes.

International Yoga day 2023

The International Yoga day was celebrated in Chinmaya Vidyalaya, Anna Nagar on 21.6.23 Students of Class VII, NCC, Scouts and Guides performed yogasanas and Pranayama. Kg children also performed yoga in the kindergarten section.


Our Vidyalaya had an opportunity to work with C20 team as companions of one earth at the historic town of Mahabalipuram. The aim of the conference was to discuss the application of Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam under the able guidance of our Acharya Swami Mitrananda, Chinmaya Mission, who is India Coordinator for the summit. The staff, students, parents and alumni of our school took up various responsibilities in the functioning of the conference. The culture of the 20 participating countries was exhibited at the venue and our students were privileged to be the live models in the exhibition. Our Holy Gita was released as a Coffee table copy in which, our Sanskrit master Mr. Kannan was part of the editing team and he was honoured by governor of Tamil Nadu Shri R N Ravi on stage. It was a great enrichment programme for all of us to explore along with the foreign delegates the facets of unity in diversity, and work together to build a harmonious world.

Ganapathy Homam - 2023

The academic year 2023-24 had a divine beginning on April 4th, 2023. Ganapathy Homam, Hayagreeva Homam, Dhanvantri Homam, Lakshmi Homam and Mrityunjaya Homam were performed in our school campus to ensure health, knowledge, long life and spiritual well-being of everyone. Our Correspondent Dr Shri R Suryakumar and his wife performed the pooja. This was followed by Kalasa Abhishegam to our Vidya Ganapathy, seeking the Lord’s blessings for good health, prosperity and well-being of the Vidyalaya.

Vahana pratista Ceremony 2023

Vahana pratista is the ceremony by which a moosika was consecrated in the vidyalaya VIDYA GANAPATHY temple. Special hymns and Vedic mantras were recited to invite the Mosika to be in the shila roopam always in the temple, thus infusing life into the statue and the murti's eye was opened for the first time. The students along with the teaching staff saw this through a mirror. The ritual involved a Puja, chanting of Sanskrit mantras, ganapathy have , abishekam and singing of bhajans. After the maha aarti prasad was distributed.

Annual Lunch - 2023

This year, the annual lunch was hosted by Chinmaya Vidyalaya Virugambakkam, on 22nd April 2023. All schools of Chinmaya gathered to acknowledge the success achieved by the sheer hard work and perseverance of our dear teachers who had retired, completed 25 years and 10 years of service. Mrs.Rama received memento for 25 years of completion. Mrs.Zeema, Mrs.Poornima, Mrs.Namitha and Mrs.Sakunthala received memento for completing 10 years. From our school, Mrs Latha Mukundan was honoured for her excellent years of service and dedication. Mrs.Shuba priya from K.G and Miss Subbulakshmi BV teacher was also honored on this occasion.

Bidding adieu - Honorable Shri R Suryakumar

Anna Nagar teachers, bid farewell to one of our most beloved correspondent, Honorable Shri R Suryakumar , who has been a knight , a refined person of our vidyalaya. On this very same day the outgoing teachers also were felicitated and were honored. We wish all the best to all of them and pray the blessings of our Pujya Gurudev be bestowed upon them forever.

108th Chinmaya Jayanti

The 108th Chinmaya Jayanti was not a mere celebration of a birthday it was a celebration of a life of transformation in the vidyalaya campus. Pujya Gurudev transformed from Balakrishna Menon to a great master, Swami Chinmayananda. Chinmaya Jayanti is a celebration of his transformation and a great source of inspiration for all of us to bring transformation in our lives. The staff and students contributed kitchen provisions to Premapuri Ashram an elderly care centre as a token of our gratitude to the great master. The day concluded with the Memorial talk on Dynamic spirituality by swami. Padmanabhananda of Divine Life Society in Chinmaya Heritage. A day filled with Sadhana on this Sadhana Day. A Day for introspection and reflection. A Day of feeling blessed. A Day filled with gratitude for Pujya Gurudev.

National Science day - 2023

This academic year, 2022-23, The National Science day was celebrated in Chinmaya Vidyalaya, Anna nagar on 02/03/2023 in honor of the renowned Indian physicist, Nobel laureate and Bharat Ratna awardee, Dr. C. V. Raman.

Project Day -Apradhim Bala Prakasini

Chinmaya Vidyalaya Anna Nagar organised a Project Day -Apradhim Bala Prakasini on 2nd March 2023 for class 3 wherein the young budding brains showcased their talents in Science, Arithmetic and Linguistics enthusiastically. The models and charts they exhibited created a great awareness about the importance of our culture, environmental conservation and cognitive skill. The Principal, the Vice Principal was the guest of the show, whose insights and encouragement motivated the children to further their interest in their chosen concepts and widen their perspective as well. The other teachers and parents were the spectators who visited their projects, kindled their spirit with their appreciative comments to bring the best out of them.

Gurudev’s Visit – 13th March 2023

Gurudev visited our vidyalaya on 13th March to celebrate His 108th birthday with the tiny tots of our kindergarten children. Our correspondent Dr. Sri R. Suryakumar and the Principal along with the senior teachers accompanied Him from the Heritage centre. The privileged teachers along with Vice principal, parents of the KG students and the neighbours received Gurudev with taalapoli, kolatam, poornakumbam and bhajans. Day 2 and day 3 the KG students along with their parents performed the Paduka Pooja and received Gurudev’s portrait as yagna Prasad.

Kindergarten Graduation Day – 2023

Chinmaya Vidyalaya Anna Nagar, celebrated its 33rd Kindergarten Graduation Day on March 24th, 2023 at the school Decenial Auditorium. The chief guest for the day was Smt. N.Vijayalakshmi, Principal of Bhaktavatsalam Vidyashram, Korattur,Chennai. It was indeed a joyous day for the kindergarten children, parents and teachers.

Sri Rama Navami - 2023

Rama Navami is a festival that commemorates the birth of Sri Rama, the seventh avatar of Lord Vishnu in the Treta Yuga. This year, Rama Navami and Villaku Pooja were jointly celebrated in our Vidyalaya in a grand manner on March 30th 2023.

Educational tour - Kumbakonam

As a part of an educational tour, Chinmaya Vidyalaya, Anna Nagar organized a trip to historical places in and around Kumbakonam and Thanjore. Students of classes VII and VIII went for a two-day trip. Students enjoyed the trip and came to know about the Indian culture, architecture and about great Indian kings. It was a memorable trip for the students and the teachers.

Maha Shivarathri Celebration - 2023

Maha Shivarathri was celebrated with great grandeur in Chinmaya Vidyalaya on 18th February 2023. The Shivalinga was beautifully decorated with various flowers and vilva leaves. Our Kindergarten department also celebrated Shivarathri on the previous day (17.02.2023) Children rendered bhajans. Children prayed and offered flowers.

CCA Prize day - 2023

CCA Prize day is celebrated in our Vidyalaya every year to encourage the children to showcase their talents. CCA Prize day was held in our Vidyalaya on 13.02.2023. The popular singer Swetha Mohan was the chief guest of this programme. The presence of the famous singer made the day a memorable one. Inspiring speech and the melodious songs sung by Smt. Swetha Mohan made the students and teachers awestruck. Prize distribution ceremony was another attraction of the programme. The overall trophy was lifted by the cauvery house. The cultural programme including dances and songs were enjoyed by one and all.

Amaaya 2022

The students of Std IX, X, XI and XII were the active participants of Amaaya- the intra-school CCA competition. There were on the whole 29 events inclusive of 19 off-stage events, 6 on-stage events and 4 submission events. The cultural event was formally inaugurated on 25.11.2022. The Vice Principal of the Vidyalaya, Mrs. D. Lakshmi Prabha presided over the inaugural function. The cultural events paved a platform for the students to exhibit their talents and to recognise and appreciate the talents of their fellow mates

Gita Din - 2022

4th December 2022 Gita Din was celebrated in our Vidyalaya in association with Samskruta Bharati

Bharathiyar birthday Celebration – 2022

140th Bharathiyar birthday was celebrated on 11.12.2022 by students of Chinmaya Vidyalaya, AnnaNagar

Kindergarten project Expo

The kindergarten project exhibition held on the 8th and 12th of December 2022 at the kindergarten block. It was a spectacular show with all the kindergarten children exhibiting their talents. The topics exhibited by the lower kindergarten were about the numbers 1 to 10 and the upper kindergarten exhibited various EVS topics like transport, fruits and vegetables, clothes, flowers, birds and animals and plants. Participating in the exhibition made students very confident and creative and thus created a holistic development in them.


Gita- Pradarshini, the Bhagavad-Gita-Exhibition, inaugurated on 26th December 2022, at Chinmaya Vidyalaya Annanagar. It is the joint project by Samskruta Bharati and Chinmaya Mission

Kindergarten CCA Prize Day 2022-23

The kindergarten CCA Prize Day for the academic year 2022-23 was held on 5th January 2023 in the school auditorium.The chief guest for the program was our school aĺumni Mrs Anjana Pradeep.

Thyagaraja Aradhana

Thyagaraja Aradhana is an annual aradhana of Telugu saint composer Thyagaraja. The aradhana is observed on Pushya Bahula Panchami day when the saint attained samadhi, where the musicians render the saint's Pancharatna Kritis. We had the Thyagaraja aaradhana at school on 11/1/23. Students sang Pancharatna kriti and Thyagaraja kritis. Our principal madam V Gowrilakshmi addressed the students and also shared her thoughts on Saint Thyagaraja

Pongal Celebration – 2023

Pongal was celebrated in a grand manner on 12th January 2023 at Chinmaya Vidyalaya, Anna Nagar. The pongal pot was kept on a firewood stove and when the dish boiled and overflowed, everyone gathered around shouted ‘Pongalo Pongal’ in great joy. Students from class I to XII participated in various cultural events like Karagattam, Gummiattam, Silambattam, Oyilattam and performed the martial art Kalari

Educational tour – Class VI, III, IV, V

Chinmaya Vidyalaya, Anna Nagar organized an educational tour for the students of class VI to Pondicherry. A one-day trip to VGP- Marine Kingdom was organised for grades 3,4 and 5 students. They explored the Marine world, where in they learnt about various types of fishes and their habitats. They also enjoyed the mermaid show. The exploration made them inquisitive about the marine species and the importance of conserving them for a balanced ecosystem. The trip was not only knowledgeable and enjoyable

Republic Day celebration - 2023

The Republic Day celebration for this year, was observed in the school campus with great gratification. Our Correspondent,Dr.Shri R Suryakumar welcomed the gathering and our Alumnus Mr. D.Venkataraman, Chief Guest of the day unfurled the National Flag and inspired the teachers and students with his inspiring thoughts. The March Past by the NCC, Scouts and Guides and the students filled the air with patriotic fervour.

Project Day

Chinmaya Vidyalaya Anna Nagar organised a Project Day -Rainbow Dazzlers on 31 January 2023 for primary classes 1 and 2, wherein the young budding brains showcased their talents in Science, Arithmetic and Linguistics enthusiastically. The models and charts they exhibited, created a great awareness about the importance of our culture, environmental conservation and cognitive skill.

Karuna Club Inauguration

The Principal, Vice Principal, Staff and Students of Chinmaya Vidyalaya Anna Nagar Inaugurated the Karuna Club on Wednesday 8th February 2023 in the Decennial Auditorium at 10 a.m. Shri. Sajjan Jain President of Karuna International for Chennai Kendra and Shri. A.S. Ramamurugesh Educational Officer of Karuna International were present for the function. The programme awaken in young adults the inherent love, kindness and compassion towards all living beings, plants, animals and fellow human beings; as well as to appreciate and help in their own way to conserve our environment. Club activities in schools will benefit students in multiple ways.

Blood Donation camp

Chinmaya Vidyalaya Annanagar and 1 TN (BTY) NCC Chennai, jointly organized a Blood Donation camp on 04.02.2023 at our Vidyalaya from 8.30 am to 12.30 pm. 81 units of Blood were collected. The camp was a success and was well appreciated by the Guest Dr. Shri S Ashwin Prasad, Emergency Medicine Consultant at Apollo hospital, and the public on that day

Kindergarten Sports Day

The Kindergarten students of Chinmaya Vidyalaya Annanagar, celebrated their sports day on February 4th 2023 with great fervour. The Chief Guest Dr. S. Ashwin Prasad, our Alumnus, Emergency Medicine Consultant, Apollo Hospital declared the sports meet open. The final events were conducted and the students actively participated in all the races. Some of the special races were- Krishna race, Butterfly race, Clown race, and Flower race. Special performances were performed confidently by the students of Upper Kindergarten. Krish. T.D. and Aarush. T. D. demonstrated their cycling skills and Thanusri. V and Jisha Ajithkumar demonstrated their skating skills. K.K. Maghizhan , a sports prodigy in multi fields demonstrated his gymnastics skills and mesmerized the audience.. The audience were dazzled by the mass drill performed with the Sunflowers by the tiny tots. The formation of the drill added a vibrant look to the programme.

Children’s Day Celebration - 2022

Children’s Day was celebrated on 14.11.2022 in our Vidyalaya in a grand manner. Children enjoyed watching their favourite teachers perform different dance styles like semi-classical dance, diya dance, dandiya dance and free style dance. The melodious music and vibrant attire was a feast for the eyes. A hilarious skit based on the effects of online classes was also enacted. The old classic songs sung by the teachers were highly applauded by the students.

Mathru Pooja Celebration - 2022

Mathru Puja, celebrated on 8-10-22, is a unique Puja that instils reverence and love in the child for his/her mother.

Onam Celebration -2022

Onam, India's biggest harvest festival, was celebrated on 12.09.2022 in our Vidyalaya. Children rendered bhajans. Dance drama was performed by the children which had the cultural symbols of Kerala. A small skit on the story of Mahabali and Vamana was performed by the children. They also performed a dance and Pulikali, one of the folk art forms of Kerala.

Teacher’s Day Celebration - 2022

Teacher’s Day was celebrated on 5th September 2022 to honour teachers for their significant contribution in shaping the lives of children.

Sports Day – 2022

The Chief Guest for the Opening Ceremony LT. COL. R C Barthwal, SM- Officer Commanding I TN BTY NCC declared the Sports Meet open. In his inaugural address he spoke about life in the army and advised the students to follow a disciplined life style. Around seventy sports events were conducted for students. Events were also conducted for alumni, parents and staff. The Chief Guest for the Closing Ceremony was Mr. Vignesh Hariharan, Kettel Bell World Champion, Sports and Fitness Entrepreneur and award winner of - ICON of the year 2018. While addressing the students, he quoted the success story of a fellow sportsman Sri. Anand Gunasekharan who had excelled in the field of sports despite many hurdles in life. His message to the students was ‘Never, Ever Give Up’. The overall trophy was won by the Alkananda House.

Gnana Yagna – August 2022

Chinmaya Vidyalaya Annanagar was the venue for the two-day Gnana Yagna by Swami Mitrananda (Chinmaya Mission, Chennai) conducted on 27th evening and 28th morning of August 2022 on the topic ‘Sadhana Panchakam’. Sadhana Panchakam composed by Adi Shankaracharya, consists of 5 verses of 40 steps. Each step is like a step in a ladder, taking us progressively to attain the goal of Moksha or Nirvana. Swami Mitrananda, a dynamic disciple of H H Swami Chinmayananda, explained these verses succinctly to an auditorium packed to capacity. All the parents, grandparents and other devotees were inspired to follow these simple steps, eg: connect with spirituality every day, practice devotion, give up unnecessary desires, develop self-restraint and many more.

Super Kid Cop - The Greater Chennai Police

The Greater Chennai Police have launched ‘Super Kid Cop’, for the children from classes UKG to Class VII to monitor the driving patterns of the motorists and also act as a gatekeeper giving advice to their parents and others on the need to adhere to traffic rules. The students have to monitor the driving of their parents, auto rickshaw and van drivers. The children would carry the Super Kid Cop card, launched by Greater Chennai Police and would also be awarded a certificate at the end of the program. Nakshatara P of Std IV took part in this program and was interviewed by NDTV recently. She reported that her father had followed all the traffic rules properly and that this initiative had helped her to understand the traffic rules better. Her father Mr. Pratheep Chandramohan too was interviewed in the same program.

Ganesh Chaturthi Celebration - 2022

Ganesh Chaturthi was celebrated with a lot of pomp and vigour on 30-8-22 in our school campus. The Vinayaka idol was brought in a vividly decorated palanquin accompanied by a bevy of dancers who revved up the spirit of the celebration.

Chennai day - 2022

Chennai day was celebrated in a grand manner by the students of Chinmaya Vidyalaya annanagar. Sakshi of 10 th std spoke on the significance of the day. Students presented a tableau highlighting various landmarks in Chennai. Students sang the glory of places in Chennai. The audience were able to gather a lot of information from this program about Namma Chennai. The same day students of classes VI & VII took part in the 'Chennai day quiz' which tested their knowledge about the important places in Chennai. The winners were awarded certificates.

Janmashtami Celebration -2022

Janmashtami, the birth of Krishna was celebrated with much joy and enthusiasm on 18-08-22. Kindergarten children of CVA also celebrated Janmashtami in a grand manner. The block was decorated beautifully with the Krishna idol in the centre. All children dressed in blue gave a traditional touch to the celebration. Our Principal motivated everyone to chant Jai Shri Krishna and offer Tulsi leaves at the Lotus feet of Shri Krishna. The celebration filled the air with joy and festive spirit.

Investiture ceremony and CCA Inauguration - 2022

The investiture ceremony of Student council for the academic year 2022-23 was held at Chinmaya Vidyalaya Anna nagar. The students of class 6-10 performed a cultural program on Swarajathis as a mark of CCA inauguration. The Chief Guest Dr. R Suryakumar addressed the gathering. His words of wisdom and thoughts about leadership were inspiring and filled all the newly elected leaders and everyone in the hall with energy, enthusiasm and courage to face the world and achieve their endeavours.

76th Independence Day Celebration - 2022

The 76th Independence Day was celebrated with great patriotic spirit on 15-8-22. Our Correspondent Dr R Suryakumar hoisted the national flag. Ms Aishwarya Radhakrishnan, alumna Ex- Sr. Cadet Captain of 1(TN) Naval Unit NCC took the salute and addressed the gathering.

World Food Day 2022

Eat Healthy Stay Healthy".. In connection with the World Food Day, a food project was conducted in the kindergarten department on 17.10.2022. The project aimed at developing a healthy dietary and life style pattern from an early age among children.

Diwali Celebration - NCC 1 TN Bty NCC

NCC cadets of Chinmaya vidyalaya Anna Nagar celebrated deepavali with inmates of guild of service a school for deaf and dumb at Anna Nagar by donating Rs 5000, sweets, crackers and dresses. On the same day they have donated RS 9400 to Avvai home an old age home at kundratthoor. NCC 1 TN Bty NCC officials have also taken part in this programme.

33rd Annual Day - 2022

Our Vidyalaya celebrated its 33rd Annual Day on 28th October 2022 vigorously highlighting with the theme ‘Bharatho Baasathe’, the success stories of India’s great achievers in various fields. Chief guest for the programme Prof. Dr. V. Chockalingam, (Dr. MGR Medical University). This celebration was dedicated to all the great achievers, intellectuals, scientists, athletes, cricketers, doctors, physicists, astronauts, actors, dancers, who appeared alive on stage and made our country proud, Their contribution to society in whole and to the nation is invaluable.

International Yoga Day - 2022

International Yoga Day was celebrated on 21st June in Chinmaya Vidyalaya. The theme for this year was ‘Yoga for Humanity’ which means yoga for the health for all. Students of the Vidyalaya participated in the Yoga Day celebration with much vigour and enthusiasm. Students of Std VIII, NCC, SCOUTS AND GUIDES performed yoga with the guidance of the Yoga instructor Mrs. Pabitra.

Guru Aradhana Day - 2022

The 27th Aradhana Day was observed in Chinmaya Vidyalaya, Annanagar with great reverence. August 3rd is a day of Sadhana – a special day in remembrance of Pujya Gurudev- Swami Chinmayananda, for the invaluable service rendered by him to mankind. Swami Mitrananda, the resident Spiritual Mentor at Chinmaya Mission Chennai, graced the occasion with his presence.

Guru Purnima - 2022

Guru Purnima was celebrated on 13th July 2022 to honour Guru-Shishya Parampara . Following the invocation by the school choir, Vyasa Ashtothra Namavali was read and Pooja was performed. The Pooja concluded with chanting of Gurustotram and bhajans on the divine glory of Guru Parambara by the high school students.

'Har Ghar Tiranga – 2022

'Har Ghar Tiranga’ is a campaign under the aegis of Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav, to encourage people to bring the Tiranga home hoist it to mark the 75th year of India’s Independence. All the students of our school hoisted the tricolour atop their houses and took a selfie. These selfies were then made into a collage and displayed outside their classes. A flex banner displaying the best 75 selfies was proudly exhibited in school. Also 75 flags were displayed in the school to commemorate the 75th Independence Day. This initiative invoked the feeling of patriotism in the hearts of all the students and also promoted awareness about the Indian National Flag.

Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav

Azadi ka Amrit Mahotsav or the 75th Anniversary of Indian Independence is being celebrated in India with great enthusiasm. In connection with this, a cycle rally was staged on 13.08.2022, in which NCC Cadets, Scouts and Guides and student council members participated. These 75 students cycled from our school to 3rd Main road and back, shouting ‘Vande Mataram’, ‘Jai Hind’ and wishing everyone a very happy Independence Day. The rally generated a lot of interest and many people came out to witness it. All of them promised to celebrate this 75th Independence Day with patriotic fervour. Some of our teachers too participated in this event to create an awareness about the 75th Independence Day.

106th Chinmaya Jayanthi

Our Pujya Gurudev's 106th Jayanthi was celebrated on Sunday, 8th May 2022 in our school premises. On this sacred day- a day on which we express our immense gratitude to one of the most notable spiritual leaders in India- pooja, abhisekam and aarathi was performed with a lot of divinity, followed by chanting of the Ashtothara Namavali. Our Tamil teacher Mrs Gayathri composed and rendered a beautiful song as a tribute to Gurudev. On this auspicious occasion, our school conducted Annadanam to benefit 108 needy people in the neighbourhood. This noble gesture was contributed by students of Class X and XII as a token of their gratitude.

Manavaseva Madhavaseva

Chinmaya Vidyalaya , Annanagar was instrumental in providing slight relief to the general public from the scorching heat of Chennai on Thursday 28.04.2022. All students of std IX and std X brought curd packets which were churned into butter milk poured into vessels and taken to Vijaya Maruthi bus stop at 6th Avenue, Annanagar. Our Prinicpal, Mrs V Gowrilakshmi along with few teachers, NCC cadets, Scouts, Guides and students of Std IX distributed unlimited buttermilk to the public from 10.30 am to 12.30 pm. Passers-by, auto rickshaw drivers, labourers, cyclists, vendors etc. quenched their thirst and appreciated this gesture. This activity of public service gave immense delight and gratification to our students who are looking forward to continue the act of Manavaseva as Madhavaseva.

International Dance Day - 2022

International Dance Day (April 29th) is a celebration of all types of dance, and was created to recognise how the act of dancing can break cultural barriers. We celebrated international dance day with the performance of 3 dance forms. Bharatanatyam performed by kavya, Priyanka and tanushya of Std 8th and 9th, Mohiniyattam dance performed by samyuktha and megha of 9th std, Kashmiri dance performed by Janani, Joshitha, Meghana, Swetha and Sathvika.

The Earth Day - 2022

The Earth Day was celebrated in Chinmaya Vidayalaya Anna nagar on 22nd April 2022 in a grand manner. Students from classes VI to VIII participated in the programme enthusiastically. A mime was performed by the students of class X. They showcased about the present condition of the earth and the need to protect it for the future generation. They highlighted the topics such as pollution, global warming, water scarcity and disposal of industrial waste. Students took a pledge “We must, We can” towards protecting our mother earth.

Annual Lunch - 2022

Chinmaya Vidyalaya, Anna Nagar was privileged to host the Annual Lunch on 23rd April for the entire Chinmaya fraternity. The management honoured the teachers, office staff and service staff who have completed 25 years and 10 years of service in the Vidyalaya. The retired teachers were honoured and everyone wished them a happy and healthy retired life. Among them were our dear teachers Mrs Jayashree, Mr Subramani and Mrs Prasanna. The Annual Lunch meet was a delightful and delicious experience in an aesthetically arranged environment. Everyone was happy to meet the teachers from different Vidyalayas and share their thoughts. It was a very relaxing time for all the teachers away from the daily routine.

Punith Sagar Abhiyan

National Cadet Corps (NCC) has initiated a nationwide flagship campaign 'Punith Sagar Abhiyan' to clean the seashores/beaches of plastic and other waste material. In connection to this, NCC cadets and Scouts and Guides of Chinmaya Vidyalaya Annanagar cleaned the Marina Beach on 18.04.2022 (Monday) from 09.30am onwards. It was done under the banner of 1TN Battery, NCC. More than 10 bags of garbage were removed by them. This program was conducted under the able guidance of our Principal Mrs V Gowrilakshmi and Officer Commanding, Lt.Col .R.C.Barathwal,S.M.

Ram Navami - 2022

Ram Navami, is looked upon as an important Hindu Festival, to honor the birth of Lord Ram, the seventh avatar of Lord Vishnu in the Treta yuga. So, every year, with a lot of faith and dedication the students of our vidyalaya celebrate this glorious day with Pomp and show. The day opened in the campus with Nama japa followed by the ashtothara pooja where the children chanted Rama stotram & rendered melodious bhajans on Bagavan. The pooja concluded with maha aarati and distribution of traditional prasad, pannakam & neermore which the kids relished happily. The students expressed their enthusiasm while the Rama Nama likitha japa booklets were distributed. With great reverence they completed writing the Nama 1008 times. This naturally prepared their minds to focus on the divinity and experience the joy within. It was a privilege for our students of class VIII to participate in the live streaming of chanting the Hanuman Chalisa at the renowned Ayyapan temple in Annanagar. It can be viewed through you tube channel Annanagar Ayappa temple.

Vilakku Pooja 2022

The teachers and staff of Chinmaya Vidyalaya performed Vilakku pooja on 5.4.22 in a grand manner in the school campus. The pooja was performed by our Principal, Vice Principal and all teachers . Pooja was led by the team of teachers. Deities were decorated with beautiful flowers. Lalitha sahasranamam was chanted melodiously. Bhajans sung by the teachers brought tremendous spiritual energy, filled the atmosphere with divinity and took everyone to a higher level of consciousness and made it a memorable and devotional occasion.

Ganapathy homam 2022

Ganapathy homam, Hayagreeva homam, Dhanvantri homam, Lakshmi homam and Mrityunjaya homam were performed in our school campus on 04.04.2022 to ensure health, knowledge, long life and spiritual wellbeing of everyone. Havan purified the entire atmosphere and left a divine impression in everyone’s heart.

Gita Chanting Competition

Chinmaya Mission, Chennai despite the pandemic, conducted the city level competition through virtual platform, wherein 75 students from our Vidyalaya participated enthusiastically and bagged the third position at the city level. The proud students along with Principal, Vice Principal & the teachers, received the shield from Swami. Sureshanandhaji, Chinmaya Mission, Chennai.

Chinmaya Alapa

Riya Anand of 8C, of our Vidyalaya, had an opportunity to take part in the third edition of Chinmaya Alapa ,an interschool story telling competition, conducted by our Chinmaya group of schools on 4th February 2022. V.G.N, Avadi, hosted the event through the online platform and Smt.Radha Narayanan- Co- founder and creative head of Gurucool Fun ,was the guest of honor and the judge. This was an initiative to teach Indian History through stories. Riya Anand spoke about the ancient king Maharaja Ranjith Singh and bagged the second prize.

Bharathiyar Tamil Online

West Cluster Schools organised - Bharathiyar Tamil Online Competition 2022 - in February, which was hosted by Kola Saraswathi Vaishnav School, Kilpauk. Many competitions honouring Mahakavi Subramania Bharathiyar, were conducted online for students of Class VI. Sreshta S of Std VI won the Second prize in the Solo Instrumental Music category (of Bharathiyar poems). She was honoured at the Valedictory Function held on 4.3.2022.


West Cluster conducted an Inter school competition, organized by The Schram Academy for Std VIII students. A team of six students from our school participated. The following topics were given by the organizer: 1. End poverty. 2. End hunger and Improve nutrition and sustainable Agriculture. 3. Ensure equitable and quality education. 4. Achieve gender equality Children chose Topic No.2 which is SDG #2. They Online platforms like Whatsapp, Microsoft Teams and Google meet to discuss about the topic to be selected, understand the problem they are trying to solve, Ideate, Define, Prototype and Test. They shared apps like Google forms, Flipgrid and Padlet to gather their peer group’s idea on the problem. They presented their ideas, views and innovative solutions through PowerPoint presentation (online) for 7 minutes, followed by 3 minutes interaction with judges. Our school team won the second place.

Marvel 2022

KS Academy organized 'Marvel 2022' - A Pan India Level Accountancy examination in which Megha Kumaran of Class 12C secured second rank scoring 77.5/80 among 2500+ students in and around Chennai from 80+ schools. She also received a cash prize of Rs.30000.

Accounting Wizard 2022

RR Academy conducted Accounting Wizard 2022 in which Charukesi Sumedh Waikar and Megha Kumaran of Class 12 secured the first rank scoring a perfect 40 and Praveen of Class 12 secured the third rank scoring 38 out of 40 among 500+ students from 15+ schools in and around Chennai. Also many other students from our school secured Meritorious and Special prizes for their outstanding performance.


The Endowment Prize day was held on 19.03.2022. Shri.V.Manikandan, alumnus (Senior Manager, Cognizant Technology Solution) presided over the function. The chief guest while addressing the students shared his memories at school and inspired the students to put in 100% hard work to excel in their chosen field. He insisted on the need to develop logical learning and rational thinking. Every child should charge himself with ‘‘Triple A’- ASPIRATION, ATTITUDE, APTITUDE to be successful. The prize winners were felicitated by the chief guest.


Chinmaya Vidyalaya Annanagar celebrated its Kindergarten Graduation Day on March 24th 2022 at the school Decennial auditorium. The chief guest for the day was Smt. Latha Ganesan, Principal Chinmaya Vidyalaya -VGN Avadi. Our Principal Mrs V Gowrilakshmi welcomed the gathering. The chief guest in her convocation address, complimented the graduates on their achievements and congratulated the teachers for their dedication and hard work. The Kindergarten incharge Mrs Usha Joseph presented the Kindergarten annual report for the year 2021-22, with the vote of thanks by Mrs Prasannna Rav


CCA prize day is celebrated to appreciate and to motivate children who have skillfully dedicated their innate talents for the co-curricular activities conducted through online platform throughout the academic year 2021 – 2022. Children who bagged the overall prizes were awarded with a trophy and a certificate. The overall trophy was won by Alakananda house.

Achiever’s Day

“Happiness lies in the joy of achievement and the thrill of creative effort”. Chinmaya Vidyalaya celebrated ‘Achiever’s Day' on 4th April 2022 to felicitate the young achievers of our vidyalaya. Many students from our vidyalaya took part in the National and International level competitions and brought laurels to the school. It was a proud moment for the parents and the staff of the vidyalaya to felicitate the students and encourage them.

Republic Day Celebration

This year Republic Day celebration was held in the school campus with great gratification and joy. The programme started with Tamizh Thai Vazhthu. Our Principal Mrs. V. Gowrilakshmi welcomed the gathering. Our Correspondent Shri. R. Surya Kumar was the chief guest of the programme. He hoisted the National Flag and inspired the teachers through his motivational words. Mrs. Rajashree Menon Dept head of English proposed the Vote of Thanks. The event concluded with the rendition of the National anthem.

Ganesh Chathurti – 2021

Lord Ganesha, who is considered to be the remover of all obstacles is always worshipped for a new beginning. Our Vidyalaya holds the privilege of having the Vidya Ganapathi temple with a Vriksha Ganapathi besides it in the main building as well as a Vijaya Ganapathi temple in the KG block. Every year during the auspicious occasion of Vinayaka Chathurti a grand pooja is performed in this temple. The Ganesh Chathurti is always celebrated in a grand manner in our campus, with various cultural events associated with the celebration.

Teachers Day Celebration-2021

Teaching is considered as one of the noblest professions in the world as this educated workforce alone can shape the world to a better and beautiful place. Chinmaya Vidyalaya, Anna Nagar honoured their teachers by conducting myriads of virtual activities for the children. The little one of class 1 and 2, made alluring greeting cards to show their love for their teachers. Students of Classes 3 to 5 made fascinating bookmarks with a quote of Dr Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan. Students of classes 6 to 8 had to imagine if they were teachers and were asked to write an essay for the same. 11th and 12th children organized wonderfully a virtual treat to all the teachers on this occasion to show their gratitude to them. All teachers enthusiastically participated in the programme and enjoyed the day.

Onam Celebration -2021

“Onam is not just a festival to cherish, but a moment to reincarnate a past of prosperity and goodness.” Onam is celebrated to honour the kind-hearted and much-beloved demon King Mahabali, who is believed to return to Kerala during this festival. This year, the Chinmaya Anna Nagar family was in full swing to celebrate Onam. An Onam video was prepared by students and teachers of classes III-V.

Gokulashtami celebration – 2021

Children adore and love Lord Krishna because of His friendly and lovable nature. He is the lord of love, tenderness and compassion. Like no other festival children love to dress up like little krishnas and flaunt with the hues of blue on them, the peacock feathers, the dangling kundans , the adorned black khol fluttering eyes and the innocent and cuteness overflowing on their faces which obviously melts our hearts to bits. Due to the prevailing scenario of Corona illness, various interesting activities were conducted in a modest way by Chinmaya Anna Nagar for classes 1 to 8 through Google Meet. Classes 1 and 2 drew and coloured the picture of little Krishna. To add to the celebrations, classes 3 to 5 made various traditional delicacies of little Krishna’s favourites. Classes 6 to 8 performed solo dance with utmost involvement and danced to the tunes to celebrate the spirit of Krishna Jayanthi.


August 3rd is a day of Sadhana for all Chinmayites, a special day to be spent in remembrance of Gurudev for the invaluable service He has offered to mankind and to seek His blessings. In our humble endeavour to keep alive Gurudev's vision of spreading the message of the Bhagavad Gita, the faculty members of Chinmaya Vidyalaya, Annanagar chanted the 18 chapters of the Bhagavad Gita. The whole hearted involvement of the teachers added to the sanctity of the day.

Investiture ceremony - 2021

Investiture ceremony was held on 7th August 2021(virtually). The members of the newly inducted school council took the oath. They were felicitated by our Principal after the oath taking ceremony. The Head Boy Viswajith gave the acceptance speech and promised to take the name and fame of school to greater heights. This program will certainly help children to hone their leadership skills. Today's leaders are tomorrow’s icons so wishing the entire team success as they embark on a new journey to serve the Vidyalaya in letter and spirit.

75th Independence Day Celebration – 2021

The Chinmaya Anna Nagar fraternity celebrated the 75th Anniversary of India’s Independence Day on 15th August 2021, an important milestone of Indian history. Many CCA activities were held through Google Meet for the children from classes 1 to 8 in connection with this day. Sri R. Suryakumar, our Correspondent, unfurled the national flag. Independence Day celebration was done virtually too, by the students with the guidance of Hindi department teachers, the same was compiled as video and was viewed by all the students.

Guru Purnima Celebration - 2021

Guru Purnima is meant for paying an ode to teachers and is also known as Vyasa Purnima, the birth anniversary of sage Veda Vyasa. This year it was celebrated on 24th July in our school. The students of Std 6 took part in the virtual celebrations which was conducted by our Balvihar teacher Mrs Visalakshi. Vyasa Puja was performed and Vyasa Ashtothram was chanted. H.H. Swami Mitrananda’s video was shown to all the students during the online classes where Swamiji beautifully explained the significance of the day. He called it a day of selflessness and gratitude where the students showed their gratitude to the selfless teacher. This celebration of the guru-shishya relationship was continued in the ten-day program-Acharya Devo Bhava organised by Chinmaya Mission and Chinmaya Academy of management where teachers of all the Chinmaya Vidyalayas were honoured. Both the videos can be watched using the following links-

105th Chinmaya Jayanthi Celebration - 2021

Our Beloved Pujya Gurudev Swami Chinmayananda’s 105th Jayanthi was celebrated on 8th May 2021. Interesting and attractive PPTs and videos were presented by the teachers of all departments. It showcased how the four major components of CVP-Integrated Development, Indian Culture, Patriotism and Universal Outlook-were connected to all the Scholastic and Co-Scholastic subjects. On the occasion of Chinmaya Jayanthi, a special puja was performed in school too. A detailed video on Gurudev’s Life History was prepared by our Balavihar teacher and shown to all the students.

International Day of Yoga – 2021

International Yoga Day was celebrated by the students and teachers of Chinmaya Vidyalaya Annanagar with great enthusiasm. Students of Class VI took part in an online Yoga session conducted by our Yoga teacher, Mrs Pabitra. Many students enthusiastically demonstrated asanas in their online classes. Our NCC & Scouts also participated in the Virtual Yoga Day celebrations conducted by Chennai City CBSE Schools District. Teachers also took up the Yoga challenge proposed by our Principal, Mrs. V. Gowrilakshmi and posted pictures of themselves in various Yogic postures. Regular practice of yoga will surely help our students achieve a better life, physically, mentally and spiritually as well.

Ramanavami celebration - 2021

The auspicious day of Ramanavami, the celebration of the birth of Lord Rama, was on April 21st this year. Due to the pandemic, this year too it was celebrated online. Akhanda Rama Nama Japa was organized from 6pm on 20th April to 6pm on 21st April by Chinmaya Mission Chennai. Devotees could stream into the Divine reverberations of Rama Nama Japa. Few teachers of our school too took part in this event and chanted for an hour from 3pm to 4pm on 21st April. Students of Std VII took part in the online puja. Students chanted the name of Lord Rama while the puja was done by Mrs Visalakshi, Balvihar teacher. Students also chanted Rama bhajans and shared snippets from Ramayana. All the students from KG to Std XII watched the video on Ramanavami compiled by our Balvihar teacher. The celebrations on that day left a feeling of bliss among all.

Ramanavami celebration – (Kindergarten)

Sri Rama Navami, the birth anniversary of Lord Rama was also celebrated with great festive fervor via online class by Kindergarten children too. Various activities like drawing & coloring the picture of Lord Rama, decorating the picture using flowers, bow making, singing bhajan etc., done by the Children during their online classes. They all participated with great enthusiasm.

Sankatahara Chaturthi pooja

Ganesh temple in our school campus was repainted and Sankatahara chaturthi pooja was performed in a grand manner. The entire staff of the school gathered at the temple premises as a family, at the early hours to attend Ganapathi Homam and Punarpooja and to seek blessings from lord Ganesha. Chanting of mantras and the resonance of temple bell created an atmosphere of divinity. The Punarpooja brought absolute bliss among the devotees. It was a wonderful opportunity to be away from the hustle-bustle of day to day activities and to show our gratitude towards the divine as well as developing spiritual values and harmony among everyone.

Maha Sivarathiri celebration

The teachers and staff of Chinmaya Vidyalaya celebrated The Mahasivarathri in a grand manner. Sivapuranam, Lingashtakam, Siva panchakshara strotram and Ganga strotram were chanted melodiously. Bhajans sung by the teachers brought tremendous spiritual energy, filled the atmosphere with divinity and took everyone to a higher level of consciousness

World Thinking Day

The World Thinking Day is celebrated annually on 22nd February by all Scouts and Guides worldwide. This day marks the birth anniversary of the founder of the World Scouts and Guides Organization -Lady Baden Powell. The Chinmaya Vidyalaya Scouts and Guides Unit celebrated this day in our Vidyalaya. The enthusiastic Scouts, Guides, Cubs and Bulbuls of the unit initiated to bring greenery around the campus by planting varieties of plants, which included a few medicinal plants

NCC practical exam

Every setback is a setup for a comeback. After a big break of nearly 365 days, regular school activities started with the NCC practical exams, which was held in our Vidyalaya on 19th February. Sub-major and a P I staff had come to conduct the exams. NCC cadets of our school took part in it enthusiastically and proved their efficiency

Annual Gita Chanting competition 2020

With the blessings of Pujya Gurudev Swami Chinmayananda, the annual Gita Chanting competition 2020 was completed through Online platform due to the COVID pandemic situation, for all the Chennai city schools. In connection to the competition, the award function was conducted at Chinmaya Heritage Centre, Chetpet on 13th February 2021, presided by Swami Mitranandaji, Acharya, Chinmaya mission, Chennai. The other guests on the dias were Shri. O. V. Nambiar, Swami Sureshanandaji and Shri Anand Chaithanya. The prizes were presented to the 120 prize winners under various categories by the dignitaries on the stage. The prestigious award function was meticulously coordinated and successfully organized by the staff of Chinmaya Vidyalaya, Annanagar following the Covid protocols. Also very proud to inform that we were placed one among the top 6 schools and received the Award for it.

Republic Day celebration

We consider Republic Day celebrations as a moment of joy combined with our social responsibility towards our beloved nation. On this 72nd Republic Day, let us remember, respect and dedicate this day to those who had contributed their efforts for building our strong nation. Our correspondent Shri.R.Surya Kumar hoisted the national flag in our school. All the teaching and non-teaching staff attended the programme. In relation to this, students of STD VIII and the Social Department of our school presented a video which depicted the importance of our National freedom and the salient features of our Constitution.

Amaaya 2020

Adversity gives birth to greatness". True to this quote and despite the dreary pandemic, Chinmaya Vidyalaya Annanagar organized a series of exciting co-curricular activities for the students of classes IX-XII. Organized over the month of January, this event was rightly timed to bring students out of the monotonous online lifestyle and instead engage them on a creative level. With over 12 events and tons of entries, Amaaya 2020 was a smashing success.

Pongal Celebration – 2021

Pongal falls in the mid-January every year and marks the auspicious beginning of uttarayan, sun’s journey north wards. This period has special significance in Hindu mythology and is considered to be extremely auspicious. Pongal was celebrated virtually by the students of the kindergarten. An exclusive villupattu about the significance of the festival and Pongal themed Tamil songs were sung. Children danced gracefully and sweet Pongal was prepared in a mud pot and offered first to God. Value talks followed and traditional dresses were worn by the participating children. Every moment was exciting and enriching for the kids, who were able to experience a typical Pongal celebration, which was seen as a true manifestation of our rich culture and tradition.

Tapo Geeta Jayanti Fest

Gita Jayanti, a sacred day for Hinduism, was celebrated across the country on Friday, December 25, 2020, on the auspicious day of Shukla Ekadasi of Margashirsha month. A very special 21 day lead-up programme on Bhagavad Gita began online on Saturday, December 5, 2020. On December 17, 2020, our Vidyalaya students chanted Chapter 12, Bhakti Yoga of the Gita. On 25th December 2020 Chinmaya Mission – Mumbai, organized a special celebration in which our school students along with the students of Chennai Chinmaya Vidyalayas were given the opportunity to chant Tapovan Shatakam. On the same day evening, Chinmaya Mission, Chennai organized a program in which our students were blessed with an opportunity of chanting 12th Chapter of Bhagavad Gita once again.

Margazhi Utsav

The month of Margasheersha, also known as Margazhi in Tamil, It is considered auspicious for putting efforts into one's own spiritual growth - be it Sadhana, Vrata, Bhajan or Pooja - for the Upasakas of Shiva, Shakti, Vishnu as well as others. Our Kinder Garten Department has made a video of MARGAZHI UTSAV. The tiny tots enthralled us by the lovely chanting of Thirupaavai, “Andal Charithram”- the story of Sri Andal was beautifully narrated and enacted by the kids. Students of Standard I to VIII participated in the co-curricular Activities like Parrot making, recitation of Pasuram, Garland making for Andal. Tamil department and Music Department teachers rendered melodiously the Thirupaavai Pasurams with its meaning and the recorded version is being shared to all the parents and the students.

National Mathematics day

In connection with the National Mathematics day, various activities were conducted in our Vidyalaya from the 7th to the 11th of December. To kindle interest and enhance logical reasoning, puzzles and riddles were shared with the students. The enthusiastic participation of the students in all the activities is an affirmation to the fact that learning can be fun and everlasting if it can be integrated with life and daily activities.

ThiruKarthigai Celebration

ThiruKarthigai is celebrated on the full moon day of the month of Karthigai as per South Indian calendar. It was one of the most important festivals of the ancient Tamils. It is celebrated in Andhra Pradesh , Telengana , Tamil Nadu, Kerala and Srilanka .There are various anecdotes on this . Lamps are lit before sunset to remove the negative energy from our surroundings.Students of our Vidhyalaya have enthusiastically showcased their talents in some art forms like music , dance and designing of lamps : making Diyas using eco friendly materials ,Rangoli or villakku kolam and decorating the Diya plates.


Navrathri is a holy festival celebrated all over India with great pomp and festivity. Navrathri ‘nine nights’ symbolizes victory of good over evil. This year it has been a damp squib due to the pandemic. But don’t lose heart; this video compilation on Navrathri will surely make up for all the fun which everyone has missed.

Bharathiyar's 138th birthday Celebration

Bharathiyar's 138th birthday was celebrated on 11.12.2020 by students of ChinmayaVidyalaya, Anna Nagar School. Students from different standards participated in poem recitation, signifying the importance of eating healthy food, new Athichudi and Odivilaiyaadu papa song, skit on Bharathiyar's biography, dance etc.,

National Unity Day

Rashtriya Ekta Diwas or National Unity Day was observed on 31st October to commemorate the birth anniversary of Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel who played an important role in uniting India. He is also known as an ‘Iron Man of India’ and as one of the founding leaders of the Republic of India. This year the students of standard XI came up with the virtual celebrations. This celebration included Introduction speech, significance of National Unity Day, Hindi song & dance portraying Unity in diversity and Rashtriya Ekta Diwas pledge. This occasion will definitely provide an opportunity to reaffirm the inherent strength and resilience of our nation to withstand the actual and potential threats to the unity, integrity, and security of our country.

World Students' Day

World Students' Day is observed on October 15 to commemorate the birth anniversary of the 11th President of India, Dr APJ Abdul Kalam. The class 8 students have put in a great effort by including skits of various exquisite anecdotes of Kalam’s life. Apart from these activities, CCA was conducted for the classes 1 to 8. Classes 1 and 2 had rocket making. Picture collage on vision of Dr.APJ Abdul kalam was a treat to the eyes. Classes 6, 7 and 8 did several scientific experiments.

Intra-school Model United Nations Conference

An online intra-school Model United Nations Conference was held using Microsoft Teams and Google Meet on account of United Nations Day on 27th, 28th and 29th October 2020. It was inaugurated by Madam Principal Mrs V Gowrilakshmi. There were four committees, namely the Human Rights Council, Economic and Social Council, The Office on Drugs and Crime and Joint Crisis Committees of both Axis and Allied Powers. These were chaired by the students of class 12 as well as the alumni of our Vidyalaya. The committees discussed various issues like attaining sustainable development goals, rights of socially displaced individuals, tackling Norco-terrorism and World War II. There were about 140 participants from classes VIII-XII. Each committee gave out prizes of various degrees to the delegates for their performance. This experience exposed them to second degree thinking and made them better diplomats with strong negotiation skills. Despite the challenges faced by COVID-19, this programme exhibited an atmosphere of greater learning and exploration into new frontiers.

Google CS First training program

Mrs. Shanti Krishnamurthy, Director of CCMT Education cell, organized this training for Computer Science teachers of Chinmaya Vidyalaya all over India, on Monday the 17th of August 2020, 3 - 5pm, online through Google meet. Audience were CS Educators of classes 4-8, Computer Science HODs, ICT teachers (148 attendees).This training introduced programming and computer science in a fun and interactive way. A very flexible program, teachers and students can run it on their own pace and at their convenience. Our teachers Mrs.T.Hemamalini & Mrs.Renuka Krishna kumar, both from Computer Science dept., were facilitators for the Google CS First training program as a part of the Computer Educators’ Training conducted by Google India.

National Sports Day

Chinmaya Vidyalaya, Annanagar celebrated the National Sports Day on 29th August 2020. On this occasion, our principal Mrs. V. Gowrilakshmi addressed the students and spoke on the importance of sports and games. She motivated the students to participate in sports as it would definitely offer them a change from the monotony of a daily routine and help in keeping away stress and anxiety

Ganesh Chaturthi

The festival that marks the birth of Lord Ganesha was celebrated with great devotion by the staff and students of the vidyalaya. The students were involved in various co-curricular activities such as singing bhajans, making Lord Ganesha with leaves and making palanquins. These activities not only helped to bring out the creative talents of the students but also sowed in their minds the seeds of admiration and respect for Indian tradition and culture.

Teacher’s day

This year, Teacher’s day was honored on 5th of September 2020. But the celebration was rather heart wrenching without the children around. However, the students from 10th and 12th made us enjoy with their inner talents of playing instruments, dancing and cheering us and acknowledging all the teachers in their life. The best part was the selection of the songs they wanted us to identify. Teacher’s day can never be complete without students' loving and warm presence.

Onam 2020

Onam is celebrated to commemorate the glorious past of King Mahabali , a time when prosperity, joy and unity knew no bounds. This year too Chinmaya Vidyalaya, Anna Nagar celebrated Onam in all its splendour

Investiture ceremony

The investiture ceremony for the batch of 2020-21 was held on 3rd September 2020 at 4:00pm. Keeping in mind the pandemic scenario the school conducted an online event for the students to bestow them with their respective positions. The audience included students from class 12 and all the teachers of the Vidyalaya. Mrs V Gowri Lakshmi addressed the students and teachers. The speech outlined the current situation. The correspondent, shri R Suryakumar felicitated the function.

Navaratri 2020

Navaratri, the nine-day autumn festival, is a celebration of women empowerment. Golu (or Kolu) in Tamil refers to the display and decoration of dolls. This year due to the pandemic, people are unable to socialize and visit each other's houses. But we can enjoy the festival with the help of digital media. Here is a beautiful Kolu arrangement done by our teachers for you to enjoy.

Mahatma Gandhi Jayanthi

Gandhi jayanti is the birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi and is celebrated throughout the nation on 2nd October. This year, the students of standard II came up with the virtual celebrations including invocation, dance, Hindi and Tamil speech on Gandhian principles and an oration on the Swachh Bharat Mission launched by our honorable Prime minister on the 2nd October 2014.

Mathru pooja

Mathru pooja accentuate the Indian culture of reverence to Matha, Pitha, Guru and Daivam and encourage children to express their affection to their mothers in a special way. They also imbibe the truth that mother is the “Universal Shakthi” who plays the pivotal role in sustaining the peace and harmony in the family. This unique function performed by Chinmayites gave an opportunity for children to express their love and affection to their beloved mothers.

Lions Club - “Dr. Radhakrishnan Teaching Excellence Award”

Mr. Subramani & Mrs.Thangam have received “Dr. Radhakrishnan Teaching Excellence Award” for their dedicated service rendered in the field of Education. The function was held at Mohan Gardens, Korattur, Chennai on 1st November 2020. The Chief Guest was Lion P V Prakash Kumar, District Governor. The Guest of Honours were Sun TV fame Pulavar Professor Nellai Subbaiah & Dr. S. Raja Samuel, Principal - Madras School of Social Work. Mr Subramani (Computer Science) was nominated by Arcot Lions Club & Mrs. Thangam (Librarian) was nominated by Lions Club of Chennai Super Kings. Our Congratulations to both the teachers.

Vijay Kargil Diwas

“India remains eternally grateful to our soldiers for their bravery”- PM Shri Narendra Modi. On 26th July, NCC cadets observed Vijay KargilDiwas virtually through a skype session, under the guidance of our NCC master Mr Kannan. This day is a saga of the glorious victory of our nation during the Kargil conflict in May-July 1999. The students talked about the Kargil war in detail and saluted the undaunted courage, indomitable valour and sacrifice of our heroes. The session was also attended by Principal Mrs V Gowrilakshmi and Vice Principal Mrs Lakshmiprabha who spoke about other recent instances when our Indian army have fought tooth and nail to protect India from incursions into our territories by neighbouring countries.

Guru Aradhana day

The 27th Mahasamadhi Aradhana of our Poojya Gurudev Swami Chinmayananda was observed on 3rd August. As is the tradition in CVA, teachers started chanting the 18 chapters of Bhagwadgita one week prior to the Sadhana Day. This year due to the pandemic, the teachers did the chanting virtually online, from 27th July. Our Balvihar teacher performed aarthi to Gurudev’s photo every day after the chanting and all the teachers felt blessed to witness this.

Sanskrit Day-2020

Sanskrit Day-2020 was observed virtually online. Sanskrit Diwas is celebrated to spread awareness, promote and revive the ancient Indian language. The day essentially speaks of the importance of learning and knowing Sanskrit. Sanskrit is the mother of all Indian languages and the first among the ancient languages spoken in India. The event was organised by Mr Kannan, our Sanskrit HOD, and Sanskrit students of Class IX participated in it.


These are the moments of our times where we all have to be confined in our homes but still glow with the fire of the pride and love that we have for our country. Not even the threat of the pandemic can steal the warmth that we feel for our nation.

Krishna Jayanthi Celebration, 2020

As in the yester years, Krishna Jayanthi was celebrated with grand fervour by the students of CVA. The pandemic did not dampen their spirit. The students participated enthusiastically in various programs and CCA activities online. The students of the primary classes dressed up as little Krishna stole everyone's heart with their cuteness. The students displayed their artistic and creative skills through various activities like flute making, face mask making etc. Please click on this link below to watch the video that will bring alive the various programs and activities conducted in connection with Janmashtami.


On 22nd August marked its 381st anniversary. It is believed that both Madras and Chennai have been derived from the towns of Madrasapattinam and Chennapatnam that together encompass the city as we know it today. In this video, the students of class XI C have gone past through many topics regarding chennai. From history to art and culture to showing how it was in the 20th century vs the 21st century. This video has an authentic Madras feel to which modern Chennai vibes are added.

World population day

The students of Class XII C prepared a video on world population day with the aim to create awareness about the rapidly increasing population and also about how the finite resources of the Earth will not be enough for the large number of people. The change in our environment during the pandemic is a good example of how nature can renew its resources with lesser humans constantly exploiting it. It is time for us to act wisely and protect our planet.

Education Development Day

117th Birthday of Mr. Karmaveerar Kamarajar( Education Development Day ) was celebrated on 15th July 2020 by Tamil department. This event was virtually celebrated. Students of classes 9 and 10 participated by making short videos. We thank parents for their timely help in making the online celebration a grand success.

Vana Mahotsav

Vana Mahotsav is the annual tree festival of India, celebrated every year during the first week of July. Owing to the pandemic, we are presently restricted to virtual classrooms and hence decided to consult with the students to come up with ways to celebrate this auspicious event on an online platform. It is thus evident that the young minds of our school are the embodiment of Mahatma Gandhi’s following statement – Nature has made Enough for Man’s Need, not for Man’s Greed.

Guru Purnima

Guru Purnima also known as Vyasa Purnima, was celebrated on 6th July by all the teachers of CVA and few Sanskrit students of Std X. This year due to the Corona pandemic, it was celebrated in a novel way, online through Google Meet.

International day of Yoga

The International day of Yoga falling on the 21stof June every year, was observed online through Google Meet due to the COVID19 pandemic. This was attended by students of classes 6A, 6B, teachers and parents. NCC cadets shared their experiences. Dr.N.Srinivasan, our Hindi sir spoke about the demonstration of Scouts and guide students of Chennai City CBSE school (Around 250 students), with the help of Mrs. Pabitra our Yoga teacher which was organized by Bharat scouts and guides – District level.


When the surrounding is full of darkness, a ray of light will give us a hope. So does, Our PujyaGurudev’s 104thJayanthi celebration on 08.05.2020 through a virtual satsang. During the time of lockdown, this celebration illuminated all of us in and out. What an irony! our Gurudev tuned the people’s mind in line of spirituality and we celebrated his birthday online.

Educational trip – Rail Museum

The students of class I and II visited the Rail museum at ICF from the 4th of February to the 7th February 2020. They enjoyed the ride in the toy train with their friends. They also visited the art gallery and gathered more information about the development of the Integral Coach Factory in Chennai. Students had an opportunity to observe the working system of the railway stations and the safety signals. The 3D show featuring the different types of trains was the highlight of the day. The day concluded with a visit to various coach models. Overall, the students enjoyed their time at the museum and gained immense knowledge about our Indian Railways.

Educational trip – Aavin Milk Factory, Dakshinchitra

As part of our educational trip Class III were taken to Aavin Milk factory at Madhavaram & Ambattur on 19th February and 20th February 2020. It was indeed a remarkable experience for the children.
For them it was an unforgettable experience. There was lot of bonding among the children and the caring and sharing let to better understanding.
Students of Class IV visited Dakshinchitra, on 7th February 2020. Dakshinchitra which means ‘picture of the south’ is a South Indian heritage village.

A Trip to the Tip of India

It was a great opportunity for the students of Std VIII to go on a tour to the southernmost tip of India – Kanyakumari. 129 students along with 8 teachers went on a three day tour. They visited the oldest and popular shrines, the Kumari Amman temple and the Suchindram temple. The visit to the Padmanaba Palace and the Tiruparapu waterfalls was a cynosure of all eyes. The sight of the crimson red sky at the time of the setting of the sun was spellbinding. The trip was indeed a great break from the monotonous routine. It was a great learning experience for everyone.

A Trip to Rameswaram

Students of Std VII along with seven teachers travelled to Rameswaram on 2nd February 2020. They visited Agnitheertham and Ramar Paadham, Dhanushkodi and Kothandaramasamy temple. The enchanting wax models in Dr. Kalam’s memorial were admired by all the students. They had a view of the Pamban bridge which is an engineering marvel. The next place on the itinerary was the Panchamukha Anjaneya temple where the ‘Floating stone’ captured everyone’s attention. They also visited Lakshmanatheertham, where it is believed that Vibhishana’s coronation took place. The last place they visited before boarding the train to Chennai was Dr. Kalam’s house and the shopping complex attached to it. It was indeed a memorable, educational and refreshing trip.

Maha shivarathri Celebration

Students performed pooja along with parents and teachers. Students chanted Shivapuranam and Lingastagam. The Panchakshram, ‘Om Namashivaya’ reverberated in the school spreading divinity in the campus

CCA Prize day

Our Vidyalaya’s 30th CCA Prize day was celebrated on Tuesday, the 25th of February 2020 in our school decennial auditorium. The Chief Guest was Shri Akash.U, MBA, PGDM, CFP an alumnus of our Vidyalaya , who is currently the Vice President of HSBC. Smt Sasikala Senthilkumar , CCA in-charge teacher read out the CCA report. This year the overall CCA trophy was bagged by Ganga House.


The farewell to Std XII students by their Juniors brought a feeling of nostalgia and camaraderie among the 12th graders. They were each given a memento which was a picture of their uniforms framed, which would always remind them about the school which cared and nurtured them.

National Science day

National Science day was celebrated in our Vidyalaya on the 28th of February to commemorate the discovery of the Raman effect. Students and teachers of Math and Science departments put in their joint effort in conducting this. The Chief Guest for the occasion was Mrs. Sangeetha Sathyanarayanan M.Sc, M.Phil (Bio-Chemistry), M.Sc.(Psychology) who is an Asst Professor in the PG and Research dept of Bio-Chemistry, D G Vaishnav College.

Bharat Scouts and Guides - Ellen Sharma camp site, Shollinganallur

The Bharat Scouts and Guides organised a seven day camp at “Ellen Sharma camp site, Shollinganallur. Four teachers of our Vidyalaya attended the flocks and Guides Adult Training Programme from 14.12.2019 to 20.12.2019 .Various activities related to the Scouts and Guides were taught. They successfully completed the basic course and received the certificates from the Bharat Scouts and Guides.

Republic day

The 71st Republic day was celebrated on 26.01.2020 with patriotic fever and zest. The Chief Guest Shri K Gnana Desikan IAS (retd) and Shri G Anand Babu (Inspector of Police) were welcomed by the Bulbuls with their flock song and dance.


Chinmaya Vidyalaya Annanagar, celebrated “BOOK READING DAY” on 23.01.2020 (Thursday) to inculcate the habit of book reading in the children. The programme started at 11.00a.m with an Oath taking. The oath was read by Shishira Srivatsav of VII A. The Principal, Vice- Principal, teachers, students from K.G to 12th STD, the non-teaching staff and also the service staff actively participated by reading a book at the specified time. Everybody enjoyed the reading session.

Chinmayavil Thiruvaiyaru

Chinmaya Vidyalaya, Annanagar promoted a platform for Indian Classical Music festival in the school premises in the name of "Chinmayavil Thiruvaiyaru" and conducted it on 25th January 2020.This festival provides a forum for interested students as well as new talents to exhibit their musical skills.

Educational trip

Students of class V were taken to Birla planetarium for an educational trip on 31.1.2020 and visited the science exhibition organised by Periyar Institute of science and Technology-Chennai. They also visited the planetarium and viewed a 3D show based on ‘fun with science’ , Solomon heart museum, Science in sphere- about pollution, various models of nuclear power reactors , fun mirror room and learnt a lot through working models

Blood Donation Camp

1(TN)Bty NCC Cadets of Chinmaya Vidyalaya Annanagar in association with the Lions Club of Chennai Coast line organised a Blood Donation Camp on 01.02.2020 (Saturday) between 8.30 a.m. and 12.30 p.m. More than 68 units of Blood have been collected. Parents, Public, Alumni, teaching staff and service staff actively took part in this noble cause.

Kindergarten sports day

Children at the Kindergarten Chinmaya Vidyalaya Annanagar celebrated sports day with great enthusiasm on Saturday the 1st February 2020, at the school ground. The Chief Guest for the day was Mrs Deepa Nambiar- Program Manager, facilitator, My Persona, Member- Board of Management, Chinmaya Vidyalayas, Chennai.

Kindergarten prize day

The kindergarten prize day for the academic year 2019-20 was held on 7th January 2020 in the school Auditorium. The chief guest for the program was Mrs. Harsha Muralidhar. The program began with a prayer song followed by a mesmerizing cultural show which included fancy dress parade and a dance performance. Soon after, the chief guest gave an inspiring speech.

Pongal Celebration

The Pongal festival celebration in our school is a true manifestation of our rich culture and tradition. Our school Kindergarten children & teachers also celebrated Pongal in a great manner with the children singing folk songs and dance.

Tapovan Jayanthi

Tapovan Jayanthi was celebrated on 7th December 2019, which provided an insight into the life of Swami Tapovan Maharaj. Tapovan Shatkam, chapter I of Bagawad gita was chanted. Students of class VI-VIII rendered melodious Bhajans in the praise of the Guru Parampara, the lineage of the gurus.

Chinmayam - 2019

Chinmayam - an annual inter-Chinmaya cultural fest was successfully hosted by Chinmaya Vidyalaya Annanagar. It was held on December 3rd and 4th for classes IX to XII. Miss Chinmayam 2019 title was bagged by Varshini of Chinmaya Vidyalaya Virugambakkam Overall trophy IX & X was bagged by Chinmaya Vidyalaya Taylor’s Raod. Overall trophy XI & XII was bagged by Chinmaya Vidyalaya Annanagar. The valedictory was presided over by our Chief guest - Smt. Gopika Varma who is a renowned dancer and Guest of honour- Shri Sathiya moorthy, the director of the Chinmaya Vidyalayas in Chennai.

Bharathiyar Dinam

137th Bharathiyar Dinam was celebrated in our school on 11.12.2019.


Students of class XII attended the AWARENESS OF LIFE SAVING AND MLT workshop conducted by MMM COLLEGE OF HEALTH SCIENCES on 29th November 2019.

Amaaya 2019

Amaaya 2019, the CCA days for classes XI-XII was held on November 14 and 15 in which students from all four houses- Alakananda , Bagirathi, Cauvery and Ganga competed against each other in various events like channel surfing , Shipwreck, Fusion Dance, Fashion Designing , Field X O, Band , Movie Review , Lawyer up etc.


Mrs. Renuka Krishna kumar and Mrs.T.Hemamalini teachers from Computer Science department- Microsoft Innovative Educator Experts, participated in EDU DAYS EVENT, conducted by Microsoft Organization in Gurgaon 19th & 20th Nov. 2019 for their contribution to the domain of education using Microsoft O365 tools.

Children’s day celebration

Children’s day celebrations focus on children and their enjoyment. On 14th November teachers of our Vidyalaya gave various performances for the students in order to express their love and care for them.

Vigilance Awareness week

On account of Vigilance Awareness week, Mrs.Renuka Krishna kumar and Mrs.T.Hemamalini from Computer Science department conducted a Quiz for CBSE officials on 1st of November, 2019. Topics covered were themes, abbreviations, and to identify different scams and the person responsible for it. All participants showed great enthusiasm and were a great learning experience for the participants and for the spectators.
GST & Central Excise, Chennai Outer conducted a debate and essay writing contest on 30th October in which the students of our school took part. For the debate, students had to speak either for or against the given topic. The essay writing topic was provided on the spot. Our school debate team ( Nishitha BS and Shreya G Sekar) secured the 2nd position in the team category. Nishitha BS also won the 1st place in the individual category. They were also invited to deliver a speech at the GST Office for the valedictory.

30th Annual day Celebration

The 30th Annual day of our Vidyalaya on 24th October 2019, was dedicated to all women and aptly titled ‘Sthree Shakthi’. The Chief Guest on the occasion, Shri Sujith Kumar (from Infosys Ltd) and the Guest of Honour Smt Priya Ramesh (Co-Founder of Orenda)

Educational trip to Sidhabari and Delhi

The Students of Std X were taken on an educational trip to sidhabari and Delhi for a week from 13th October to 20th October 2019.

Navarathri – KG Block

The Kindergarten Children of Chinmaya Vidyalaya, Annanagar celebrated Navarathri by keeping Golu. Dolls were arranged according to the tradition and religious faith. Children participated in the celebration with a lot of enthusiasm. It brought great fun and joy among them.

Birth anniversary celebration of Dr. A P J Abdul Kalam

Onam celebration was held on 10th September 2019 in our Vidyalaya amidst great cheer and cultural extravaganza. A traditional dance of Kerala was performed by the students of class IX. Onam festivity also included various competitions to mark the significance of the celebration


The biggest worship is to serve our mothers and our children were blessed to get this chance in our Vidyalaya on 12th October 2019 by doing Mathru Pooja


The biggest worship is to serve our mothers and our children were blessed to get this chance in our Vidyalaya on 12th October 2019 by doing Mathru Pooja

Onam Celebration

Onam celebration was held on 10th September 2019 in our Vidyalaya amidst great cheer and cultural extravaganza. A traditional dance of Kerala was performed by the students of class IX. Onam festivity also included various competitions to mark the significance of the celebration

Teachers’ day Celebration

Gokulashtami celebration

Gokulashtami was celebrated in our school on 22nd August 2019 .Mr. Kannan, HOD of Sanskrit department recited the Krishna Namavali. Krishnashtakam was chanted by students of class 6 and a Bhajan was sung in the praise of Lord Guruvayur by students of class 5. A beautiful dance was showcased by students of class 1 and 2. The children were given a wide exposure on the different facets of the Indian Culture, thereby increasing their cultural awareness.

National sports day

National sports day was celebrated on 29.08.2019. Mr Santhosh Gopi (Ranji Trophy player – Cricket) was the chief guest for the program. His speech motivated all the students to take part in sports too which will improve the concentration which in turn helps academics. He also gave away the sports prizes conducted for Std IV & V on the eve of sports day.

Vinayaka Chathurthi Celebration – KG BLOCK

The tiny tots celebrated Vinayaka Chathurthi with devotion and enthusiasm starting from Ganesha visiting the children on a bicycle. The high lights of the program were villupattu ,Bhajans by LKG and UKG children, action song, a skit about the story of ‘Ganesha and the moon’ followed by a Bharatnatyam dance and Dhandiya dance on Ganesha Pancharatnam. Dance by Parent’s added colours to the festival.The procession and the chant of Ganapathy Bappa Moriya reverberated the school.

Vinayaka Chathurthi Celebration

Vinayaka Chathurthi was celebrated in our Vidyalaya with much pomp and gaiety on 31.8.19. On account of Vinayaka Chathurthi celebration the following activities were conducted as CCA activities. Std I & II Making Ganesha with pulses collage, Std III to V –Making Ganesha with Peepal leaves, Std VI to VIII – Pallak making

Independence Day

73rd Independence Day was celebrated in our school premises with our correspondent Sri R Surya Kumar as Chief Guest. Independence Day was also celebrated in the KG block on the previous day. Children took part enthusiastically in all programs starting from the March past, speech, song and dance etc.

Guru Aaradhana day

Guru Aaradhana day was observed on 3rd August 2019 in our Vidyalaya to remember the day on which our Pujya Guru dev Swami Chinmayananada left his mortal frame to merge with the cosmos

⦁ 30th Annual Sports Meet

Chinmaya Vidyalaya Annanagar celebrated the 30th Annual sports meet on 29.07.2019 at SDAT Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium. The Chief Guest for the Opening Ceremony was Major General Dr. A V K Mohan. Chief Guest for the closing ceremony was Shri Sathish kumar satagopan. He addressed the gathering mentioning the importance of the sports and then distributed the prizes to the students. This year the overall trophy was won by the Ganga house and Bhagirathi house bagged the overall trophy for the March past.

⦁ Awareness programme for conservation of forest

Teachers and students observed Vanmahotsav on 15th July.. CCA activities related to Vanmahotsav were also conducted for all classes. We need to join hands to make a better tomorrow. Plant trees and get oxygen free.

⦁ Kargil Vijay Diwas

Kargil Vijay Diwas was observed in our Vidyalaya on 25.07.2019. Subadhur Major R Vivekanandhan was the chief guest whose inspiring speech kindled patriotic fervor among the students of classes IX to XII. As the program was organized by the NCC of our school, they also got an opportunity to share their views in the presence of Subadhur and were also felicitated by the guest who awarded them with certificates for their achievement in the NCC camps.

⦁ An awareness programme – World population day

On the 15th of July 2019 an awareness programme was done by the Commerce students of Class XI. They enacted a skit during the assembly. The skit highlighted the following: - Water scarcity in the city due to over population, differences between the planned and un planned families in terms of having basic amenities, struggle in inculcating the values and discipline in a family and a society when it is over populated, intervention of great leaders to find out the solution to control population explosion

⦁ Karma veerar Kamarajar’s 117th birthday celebration

Karma veerar Kamarajar’s 117th birthday was celebrated in our school on July 15th 2019. Students from STD I and II performed a song about Kamarajar, which was written by Tamil department teachers. The students of STD III, IV and V presented a skit which portrayed the simplicity of Kamarajar. Students from classes VI, VII and VIII enacted a scene depicting the decision making capacity of the great leader Kamarajar. VIII STD students recited a poem about Kamarajar.

⦁ Guru Poornima Celebration

Guru Poornima was celebrated on 16th July 2019 in our school auditorium. Students III, IV, chanted Guru stotram which was followed by pooja. Students sang “GURU VENDUM” song which signified the importance of GURU. Children performed dance for Guru Ashtakam written by Adi Shankaracharya which tells about the necessity of Gurus and attaching our mind to the lotus feet of the Guru

⦁ Pujya Guruji H H Swami Tejomayanandaji’s birthday celebration in our Vidyalaya.

Pujya Guruji H H Swami Tejomayanandaji’s birthday was celebrated in the Vidyalaya. The celebration commenced with the invocation song. Then power point presentation about Pujya Guruji was presented which highlighted , the various projects initiated by him as the Head of Chinmaya mission worldwide and the books authored by Guruji on Vedanta etc.. Ayush suktam was chanted for Guruji’s health and longevity. The staff and the students sang the Birthday song ‘Janmadinamidam’. One of Guruji’s compostions was sung by the school choir and a graceful dance was performed on stage for the melodious rendition. On this joyous occasion, students of all classes whole-heartedly donated edible items which were handed over to Annashethram- Tamaraipakkam. The sixth batch of students who have completed the seva project were awarded certificates to appreciate their commendable service to the society. On the same day Kala vaibhav and Pustaq utsav were inaugurated. During the CCA period children of various classes made colourful greetings expressing their love and affection to our Guruji.

Ganapathy Homam

An auspicious beginning of the academic year 2019-20 started on a sacred note with an array of poojas held in our school auditorium on 5.6.2019.Correspondent Shri. R Suryakumar , Smt. R Suryakumar , Principal , Teachers , Non teaching staff and students of Std X and XII were present on this auspicious occasion

Pujya Gurudev’s 103rd Jayanthi

Pujya Gurudev’s 103rd Jayanthi was celebrated on 08.05.2019 in our school premises with much devotion and joy. The celebration began with a Guru padhuka pooja led by our Sanskrit teacher Mr. Kannan. The devotees present for this occasion include all Chinmaya staff , few parents and students . The Celebration concluded with an offering of Aarti. On the auspicious day we all bowed down with cheerful minds and prayed that his sweet and inspiring remembrance remains ever in our heart. It is our bound duty to spread His vision to the society. Unto him our best.

World International Yoga day

It was observed in our Vidyalaya on 21.6.2019. Chief Guest for the event was our alumnus Mrs Rohini Manohar founder of Chennai Yoga Studio and the Guest of Honour was Mr Rakesh kumar commending officer Col.Bty NCC.

Investiture and CCA Inauguration

Annual Alumni meet

The Annual Alumni meet of CVA was held on 24th February 2019(Sunday) in the school auditorium. Alumni from all batches (beginning from 1998) attended the meeting. Anirudh Ragunath an active member of the Alumni Association briefed the audience on the various measures taken to reach out to fellow students. Every alumnus felt that such meetings were platforms to meet, interact and keep in touch. They also exposed their views on how the school had moulded them to become better citizens because of the spiritual and cultural exposure given to them at school.

Maha Shivarathri

Maha Shivarathri Pooja was held in Chinmaya Vidyalaya, Annanagar on 4.3.2019, Monday. The significance of the day was explained by Ms. Gayathri (Dept of Tamil). The Pooja was performed on stage and Mr. Kannan (Dept of Sanskrit) chanted the 108 names of lord Shiva. This was followed by Bhajans by the school Choir. The pooja ended with devotees offering flowers to lord Shiva and prasadam was distributed to all.The pooja was attended by a large number of parents and students.

Science day

Science day was observed on 28th February 2019 with a motive to kindle scientific temper in students. Science exhibition was inaugurated by our correspondent , Shri R Surya Kumar. Students from K.G to Std IX participated in the project with great enthusiasm Models of Satellites, Aryabhatta , INSAT 1A, Rohini RS1 were exhibited by students of Std I and II Students from Classes III – V performed simple experiments in Biology, Physics and Chemistry and explained the basic concepts with lot of enthusiasm. Students of Std VI explained the mechanism of working of Teslacar, Solar powered car & communication. Bio gas plants, Hydel power plant , hydroponics, vertical farming were just to mention a few projects exhibited by students of class VII and VIII. Madam Principal talked on the significance of the day, explained the basic concept of Raman Effect, scattering of light. She also had an interactive discussion with the students regarding the types of fighter aircrafts used by our Indian Air force recently. Parents, students and students visited the exhibition and encouraged the participants.

Kindergarten Graduation day

Chinmaya Vidyalaya , Annanagar celebrated its 29th Kindergarten Graduation day on March 21st 2019 at the school Decennial Auditorium. The chief guest for the day was Mrs. Asha Nathan, Principal of Chennai Public School, Annanagar.

Vilakku pooja

Light and brightness is associated with Villakku or lamp. The lamp leads us from darkness to-wards light. It burns only to give a message of peace and light to human kind. The Vilakku pooja of CVA was held on 26th march 2019. The auditorium was beautifully adorned with kolam and the spectacular shimmering lamps were decorated with flowers,smeared turmeric and kumkum. The lamp was decorated as Goddess Lakshmi. The deity was a great sight for many who witnessed the pooja. The teachers religiously performed the Villakku pooja. Eventually it ended with bhajans . Prasadam was also distributed to the teachers and students.

Republic Day

Republic day was celebrated with pride and patriotism at Chinmaya Vidyalaya Annanagar on 26th January 2019. Our correspondent Sri. R Surya kumar unfurled the national flag. This was followed by our flag song in Tamil. A grand parade was showcased by the four different houses, NCC, Scouts and guides. The correspondent was the chief guest and he addressed the gathering. He emphasized the need for discipline and moral values in life. Sports day prizes were distributed for the classes I, II and III. Social science department put up a grand Program on the life of national leaders and their freedom movement. Other cultural items included patriotic songs and speeches. The function ended with our national anthem. The students and teachers enjoyed the Republic day with great enthusiasm.

29th Kindergarten sports meet

The 29th Kindergarten sports meet was held on Saturday, the 2nd February 2019. The Chief guest Smt. Radhika Kannan (Primary Incharge, Chinmaya Vidyalaya, Taylors Road), declared the sports meet open by releasing the balloons, which soared up in the sky signifying the heights achieved by the children, the chief guest insisted the Parents to give importance for Physical activities instead of playing with gadgets. Children did mass drill with smileys and highlighted our school motto. The games conducted for the Children were based on eco-friendly such as “Say No to Plastic”- Go Green and “ Say No to Junk food”- enable them to learn valuable lessons. Chief guest handed over the prizes to the winners and parents.

Kindergarten Prize day

Kindergarten Prize day was held on January 4th 2019. Ms. Ashritha Keshav, a child Psychologist and known dancer was the Chief guest. Activity based learning is part and parcel of Kindergarten and an important mile stone in the developmental stages of children. True to it the KG department of CVA conducted number of Competitions to sharpen the children intellectual and social development.

Blood donation camp

NCC cadets of Chinmaya Vidyalaya Annanagar and Lion’s Club of Chennai organized a blood donation camp on Saturday( 02.02.2019) between 8.30am and 12.30pm. More than 65 units of blood were collected. Tamil Nadu Bty NCC commanding officer Lt Col Rakesh kumar was present on the occasion.


The students of class VII were taken to Chinmaya Tarangini (Uthandi) for life skill progam- ‘History or His story’ On 12th January 2019. Miss Radha, the CHYK member welcomed the students. They attended a 3 hour session, in which they learnt the significance of learning history. They were made to understand that history is not a mere subject that is learnt in class but a life lesson, where we learn values and how to imbibe values in our lives. An anecdote from the life of Chhatrapati Shivaji was explained to highlight his wisdom and bravery. The most celebrated war-tactic of Shivaji was explained. Based on this, a few activities like tug of war, fort building with cups were conducted. A few memory games were also conducted to develop student’s alertness. Students were amazed by the beauty of Matsya Narayana temple and its surroundings. On the whole the session was very informative and a memorable one for the students.


Life skill Program was arranged in Tamaraipakkam on 12 January 2019. The students of class VIII attended the program. The highlight of the session was foreseeing the future, learning from ones mistake, understanding a problem and finding a permanent solution to it. A few games were organised. These games made the students understand how to strategize, concentrate and execute a plan in order to succeed, be it a game or a job. The resource person from Chinmaya mission spoke to the students about the Mauriyan period in Indian history. They emphasised on the tactics used by Chanakya inorder to protect and unify the country. The students enjoyed the session and learnt various life skills that are required for successful living.

Session on Awareness and Prevention of Child Abuse

A session on Awareness and Prevention of Child Abuse was organised by CBSE . Members of Mukta Foundation a non- government organisation under the guidance of Dr. Sangeeta Mahesh addressed the students of classes VI , VII and VIII on 3rd January 2019.The team spoke to the students about how to differentiate between bad touch and good touch. The students were made aware of various ways in which abusers lure children. They were advised to be cautious while interacting even with relatives and acquaintances and not to take their inappropriate closeness for granted. The students were asked to be alert while using the social media. This session has been an eye-opener for ignorant students, to be cautious about lurking dangers in this society.

Pongal celebration

Pongal celebration was held in our Vidyalaya on 11.1.2019 . All the staff of the Vidyalaya came in Traditional attire . KG Parents very actively and enthusiastically danced for folk song. Few children from Primary delivered the speech which gave the importance of Pongal celebration. KG Children enjoyed the day with various activities like fun race, folk songs, dances etc, which signified the importance of Pongal.

field trip to Farmguru

The field trip to Farmguru near karanodai was organized for class 7 students as a part of pongal celebration, so as to have an experience in the field and to understand the importance of farming and care of soil. Students from all the sections reached Farmguru about 28 km from Chennai on the banks of river kosasthalaiyar at 9 am. The People at Farmguru addressed the students and given an introduction about the day’s activities. Hands on experience in Farming ploughing, sowing, threshing, pounding, harvesting were given to all students. Apart from that children enjoyed bullock cart ride and tractor ride and it was a new experience

Hanuman Jayanthi

Hanuman Jayanthi was celebrated on 7th January 2019. The students of classes III ,IV and V gathered in the auditorium for the celebration. Two students of class V spoke about the virtues of Lord Hanuman and the significance of offering butter to the Lord respectively. Hanuman Ashtotharanamavali was chanted. Puja and Aarti were performed seeking the blessings of Lord Hanuman. The school choir sang bajans and chanted Hanuman chalisa. The Balavihar teacher Ms. Saloni Sharma briefed the qualities of Hanuman through stories. This occasion helped the students aware of the importance of acquiring qualities of lord Hanuman such as humility and dedication.


Students from XI th and XII th visited Hampi, a UNESCO world Heritage site in Karnataka in the last week of November. This trip gave them a well deserved break and rejuvenated them to face the forthcoming exams with fresh zeal and vigour.

Project exhibition

The Annual kindergarten project exhibition was held on November 27th, 2018. It was a grand show with more than 300 children exhibiting their creativity and talent. The chief guest for the exhibition was Mrs. Deepa founder of Kinder nest


Seminar on Accountancy , Economics and B.Studies

A seminar on Accountancy , Economics and B.Studies was organised by CCMT Education cell, from 3rd-7th December 2018 at CIRS. 66 teachers from 27 Vidyalayas ,4 Colleges and 5 Vision Schools attended the seminar.

Ganesh Chathurthi celebration

Ganesh Chathurthi celebration was held in our school on Wednesday 12th September 2018.

Teacher’s Day

True teachers are those who help us think for ourselves-Dr. Radhakrishnan.’ Chinmaya Vidyalaya Annanagar celebrated Teacher’s Day with zeal and gusto on 5th September 2018.


Gokulashtami was celebrated on 3.9.2018 in the school auditorium.

29th Annual Day Celebration

29th Annual Day Celebration of our school was held on 26.10.18. The Chief Guest for the Program was Dr. J. Radha Krishnan, IAS (Principal Secretary, Health & FW Dept.) and the Guest Of Honour was Dr. S. Guna Sekaran, Ph.D., DSC (TANSA Awardee, Dean, Research & Development, St.Peter’s Institute of Hr. Education Research & Founder President, Indian Spectro Physics Association). Students received the Endowment prizes for various categories as well as the Best Students award from each class for the year 2017-2018. The Theme for the Cultural Show was “RTUSAMHARA” (SEASONS). The Show was mind blowing and kept the audience stand still.

Children's Day - 2018

‘There is no garden as beautiful as childhood. Every child is a different flower, together they make a beautiful garden.'
Children's Day was celebrated in CVA with a lot of enthusiasm this year. There was a reversal of roles, as the teachers conducted the morning assembly instead of the students. Teachers had also planned a short cultural program to entertain their dear students. There were two colourful group dances, melodious group songs and delightful solo performances. Fun-filled activities t