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Independence Day

Deepavali 2021

ARADHANA DAY - 3rd August 2021

Chinmaya Ashtotharam was taken up and all the classes from Kinder Garten to Higher Secondary School all took part by presenting the Chant of the Mantra with its meaning. It was precisely done with Gratitude towards Gurudev and lots of love and clarity in presenting the Video of the same by each of the 108 students. Alternatively a boy student and a girl was allotted for its equal and uniform distribution. Its was a great effort by all the class teachers assisting the student to get the video making and then it was uploaded by the Parents. Our KG teachers Reshmi Ms, Dhanalakshmi Ms and Sandhya Ms had sung the Arathi song, ligting lamp song by the music teacher Vidya Bharathi Ms and concluded with the Shanthi Pat Poornamadah Slokah by the event Co-Ordinator Prema Bai Ms. The whole compilation was done with relevant Videos and picture gallery of all the Teachers too. The Video ends with the School Campus video that was very close to all of us. This event was played in the first period of all the Online classes by the Teachers and Students paid their Pranaams with Salutations on this Auspicious Aradhana day. Our Principal Usha Nandhini Mam had given a video Message for the same was played first with the explanation of the Event by the respective teacher in class. Note: The link address of the Video Presentation. CVP Aspect : Spiritual Development Kindling the Students to bring out the bhava of Gratitude towards the Great Master our Gurudev Swami Chinmayanada and get grounded to our Parampara to perform Puja and offerings. The whole event was recorded video is attached as a link. Few pictures of the event is posted below.

International Yoga Day – 21st

June 2021
International yoga day was observed at our school on 21st
June, 2021. A Zoom meet was arranged and students of Classes IV & V participated. The Programme started with the school prayer. Vidhi Dhavey of Class V gave a small speech about the yoga day. A video clip of Swamini Vimalananda’s speech about yoga day was played
for the students. It was a very informative talk that featured interesting facts on how to pronounce the word “yoga” and the importance of regular practice of yoga.
our yoga teacher, Mr Chandrasekar demonstrated Surya Namashkara, a few asans and pranayama. The students followed the instructions and simultaneously did yoga in their home. The session ended with the prayer. Mr Chandrasekar proposed the vote of thanks.


Keep your values positive because your values become your destiny.”- Mahatma Gandhi.
Gandhi Jayanti is celebrated every year on 2nd October to mark the birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi, who is a pioneer of truth and non-violence.
To commemorate the national festival- Gandhi Jayanti and to celebrate the 152nd birth anniversary of our father of nation- Mahatma Gandhi, Chinmaya Vidyalaya Taylors road, organized CCA program. This year the students of class 4 got an opportunity to showcase their patriotic fervor. This year we celebrated Gandhi Jayanti but it was all together in different virtual mode. Our students actively prepared speeches, dance, bhajans, drawings, art & craft, songs and a short skit on the life of Mahatma Gandhi.
A special speech with Gandhian quotes and messages brought the gathering to understand more about this iconic leader. Gandhian ideals were depicted through a skit which the students presented in the most eloquent manner. This was showcased to all the students on 2nd October. . We recall his struggles for getting us free India and pay our heartfelt tribute to Gandhiji for all his sacrifices made for the country. The main objectives of this activity were to inculcate Gandhian values and to sow seeds of a good human being and good citizen in students.


OBJECTIVE – To enable students understand the importance of Dussehra festival.
Dussehra is nine days long festival of South India. This year Dussehra was celebrated from 7th October to 15th October.
The students of class-II exhibited their talents and showcased on virtual screen. Students gave free talks about Dussehra festival in Tamil and English. Students wore traditional dress and played Dandiya and Garba dance. Children came out with mouth watering Navaratri prasadam recipes with the help of their parents. They exhibited their talents in art and craft and paintings. They sang bhajans and prayers.The students learnt about the importance of nine days Dussehra festival and how it is celebrated as a reminder that only the truth shall exist and the evil shall perish. Good health, wealth, success and prosperity, may Goddess Durga bless us all with all these things on this pious day of Vijayadashami! Students participated with great enthusiasm along with parents support.


Every year on 15th August, we celebrate Independence Day with great enthusiasm to mark the day of liberation from the British Colonial rule. As the Covid cases are still on rise, celebration of Independence Day took a virtual route this year too.
Students of standard V made a special programme to revere this day and took the audience through speeches with messages about the iconic leaders which was presented in the most eloquent manner.
A salute is a gesture of respect and trust among the soldiers which encourages a pride in their ever-shining uniforms. Selected students from class 5 dressed up like Indian armed forces and executed each salute and also explained the significance of each salute.
Children of class V dressed up like some of the freedom fighters and gave speeches and reiterate famous sayings of the great freedom activists.
Children also rendered patriotic songs and performed dances to mark the occasion and ignited patriotism in the viewers.
Students sent drawings and craft related to the three types of salute done by Indian army, navy and air force for Independence Day. They sent pictures and videos of confectionery/ sandwiches/salads made in the color of our National flay.
PRINCIPAL ma’am and HEAD MISTRESS ma’am also addressed children on this special occasion.
Our main goal of celebrating Independence Day is to educate our young generation about the pride and courage of our great freedom fighters as well as a colonial rule.

CCA – Independence Day

Our children taking oath to
  • Follow Good Habits
  • Clean Environment – Healthy Environment
  • Stop Corona – Go Away
  • Good and Bad Touch

CCA – Krishna Jayanthi

Little Krishnas and Radhas enacting the Krishna tales.

CCA – Onam

Beautiful girls and charming boys bring in the cultural essence of Kerala.

CCA – Ganesha Chaturthi

Children as “Cutie pies” offering prayers to Ganesha. Pooja celebration and Delicacy preparation.


Conducted on August 12th, 2020 via a Google Meet The programme started with a prayer. The Primary & KG students put up a cultural programme. Students spoke about the significance of Krishna Jayanti. We also had bhajans, dance, prasad making, craft making, art work and role play by the students. We had the involvement of the parents too in a few activities. Some teachers rendered bhajans in praise of the Lord. The programme ended with an Aarti.

Vinayaka Chathurthi

Conducted on August 26th, 2020 via Google meet The Programme started with a prayer. The Primary & KG students put up a Cultural Programme. Students spoke about Vinayaka Chathurthi. We had various cultural activities like Bhajans, Dance, Prasad making (kozhukattai) videos of children along with their parents involved in the pooja activities, craft making, drawing and skit by the students. We had the involvement of the parents in few activities like prasad making, skit etc. The Programme ended with prayer.


Conducted on August 31st, 2020 via Google meet The Programme started with a prayer. The Primary & KG students put up a Cultural Programme. Students spoke about the significance of Onam Festival, Story of Onam Festival, when and how it is celebrated. We had various cultural activities like Onam Dance, Onam songs, Role play, Pookolam, Art work, etc. We had the involvement of the parents in few activities. Some Teachers also spoke about the significance of Onam festival and teachers rendered Onam song also. A quiz programme on Onam also was conducted. The Programme ended with prayer.