Fit India Movement

Martial Arts

On 18th November, students of high school performed martial arts under the guidance of Mr. Lenin. It started with a brief warm up session in order to loosen the muscles by stretching the arms and legs. Following this was another round of exercises to spike the heartbeat and burn the glutes. At this point, all the students were really enthusiastic and went with the flow. Once the warm up exercises were all done, Mr.Lenin demonstrated some of the basic taekwondo moves .All the students followed his lead and learnt a bit of taekwondo punches .This was followed by a demonstration of Self Defence . A volunteer was asked to attack Mr Lenin and he showed the students how to tackle such attacks and escape from such situations. The students paired up and tried their moves. They learnt a very important and handy lesson that one might need during emergencies. They had fun and completely enjoyed the session thoroughly. This was a much needed learning experience and the students were very thankful for this session.
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Nurturing through Naturopathy

As a part of the fitness week celebrations our school organised a seminar on “Nurturing through Naturopathy”. The resource persons were Dr.Archana and Dr.Ratnavel. This seminar was conducted for the students of classes 6 to 8. Tips were provided to the students in order to adopt a lifestyle which in turn will help in leading a healthy life. Detailed descriptions of acute and chronic diseases were discussed. Four important points which help to improve one’s diet was also discussed. Basic hygiene[mental, physical and social hygiene] habits were communicated to the students in a detailed manner. Simple home remedies such as drinking 8 glasses of water and following balloon breathing etc. were highlighted. The session ended with a discussion on the 3 main types of food[satvik, rajasik and tamasik food] which in turn influenced a person’s behaviour. Overall, the session was highly informative and provided each student a different perspective which would help them lead a healthy life.

Debate Competition

On 13th November, a debate was conducted for the students of high school. The motion for the debate was: “Physical Fitness is more important than mental fitness” .The main purpose of the debate was to create awareness among the students. Meiyappan Chokkalingam and Harsh Sarda, alumni of our School, adjudged the event. The first speaker representing the team Proposition gave their substantive arguments. This was followed by the first speaker of team Opposition .This went on until the speakers list was exhausted. Team proposition summed on their points as to why physical fitness was the key to boost one’s self esteem and energy which the Opposition team strongly disagreed with their arguments for why mental health deserved the same attention as physical health and how one’s unstable mental health can lead to self harm, depression and anxiety. The debate was fruitful and served as an open platform for the students to ponder and discuss their views .The debate was brought to a closure with a round of questions from the judges to both the teams. The judges wrapped up the session with a conclusion as to how a perfectly fit person can still suffer from mental illness and how both physical and mental fitness had a keen role to play in one’s overall well being. This was followed by a feedback session and that marked the end of the event.
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Poster Making Competition

On the occasion of fitness week, Chinmaya vidyalaya senior secondary school held a poster making competition for classes 6, 7 and 8.The competition was held on the 15th of November. The topic was particularly intriguing. The topic issued was “Fit mind, fit body and fit environment. The competition was a pair activity .It gave them a chance to interact with their own housemates. They also learnt to work as a team, helping each other to make one poster. The students learnt that discipline was important in anything they do. It was also a good opportunity for the students to expose their creativity. Awareness was spread among the students about the role of a healthy environment in maintaining both physical and mental fitness. They also enjoyed themselves . At the end of the day, the students had fun and also took back some important lessons too. To encourage everyone, all the posters were displayed on boards.
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Aerobics for Primary

Free Hand Exercise

On 13th November, a free hand exercise session was organised for the students of primary and high school. This session took place in the school auditorium and was supervised by our physical education teacher, Mr. Lenin. The students were taught 12 different free hand exercises to improve their hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills. The students not only found this useful but they also enjoyed doing this activity. The main objective of this session was to create awareness about fitness and to teach the students simple and easy methods to improve their fitness and it is clearly understood that the objective was achieved in a fun way which received a lot of positive response from the students.
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FIT INDIA MOVEMENT – Yoga for Classes 9 and 11

On account of Fitness Week celebration , the school organized a yoga session for The students of classes 9 and 11. The session started with an introduction explaining the art of yoga in layman's words.This was followed by an opening prayer to cleanse the mind and calm the body. The first step was loosening up The neck region.The students performed the asana following the instructions given by the Yoga Teacher.This was followed by Trunk twisting posture and the well known Tree posture.Along with instructions, the benefits of doing those postures were also told in order to make the students get a better picture of it.Following these postures were Padahasta aasan, Ardachakrasan,Trikonasan.With that, the students completed all the standing postures. Ustrasana or Half camel posture marked the beginning of the sitting asanas.This was followed by Sasankasana And Vakrasana.All the students seemed very invloved and energetic at this point.They enthusiastically performed all the asanas.With this the students had completed all the asanas and it was time to wind up both physically and mentally. All students performed Pranayama by sitting in Vajrasana.They took a deep breath in and let it out .This proved to be stress relieving and soothing to the mind.With that the yoga session came to an end with a closing prayer . The students seemed really relaxed and energetic after the session .



The students of our Vidyalaya from Classes IX – XII had an opportunity to witness the live telecast of “Fit India Movement” Programme that was launched by our Honourable Prime Minister Shri. Narendra Modi on 29-8-19, Thursday. They also took the fitness pledge which was the agenda of the event.Students observed the event enthusiastically and got inspired by the speech given by our Honorable Prime Minister.

Sports Day Celebrations

The 49th Annual sports Day was held at SDAT Nehru stadium Smt S.Lakshmi IPS Deputy Commissioner of police graced the occasion as the Chief Guest .He lighted the torch and declared the sports Meet open.The chief guest for the valedictory function was Bernard National basket ball player.The winners of the various events were awarded by the chief guest.
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Yoga Day

Students of class 6 and 7 participated in the Yoga Day celebration on 21st Jun 2019. The students performed various Yogasanas and were instructed about the benefits of yoga for healthy body and mind. Yoga for parents was conducted on 22nd June in which a large number of parents participated and did asanas with the students. View Images...