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Orientations / Workshops

Physics Plus Classes Department of Physics has been organising webinar sessions for STD XII students. The objective of this session includes – Numerical objectives in various chapters, doubt clarifications, problem solving techniques by subject experts from reputed institutions. Progressively 5 sessions has been conducted on Sundays between 5pm and 6.30pm

Python – RealTime Objectives Computer Science Dept. had organised a webinar on Python in RealTime usage – Resource Person – Mr Pal, Senior Software Engineer and Consultant – ScotiaBank – Canada

Smt HemaMalini of Maths Dept. attended a two day National Mathematics workshop conducted by Amit University, based on new curriculum for STD XII

Maths orientation for STD XII students by - Director Chinmaya Vidyalayas – Shri C Satyamoorthy Sir

Life Skills Development programme for STD XI students @ CVHSS on Jan 4th 2020

Workshops for teachers - Saraswata Goshti @ CIRS - a five day workshop

Orientation programme

An orientation programme for the school teachers was conducted by Govt. of State Board Schools - Chennai. This workshop focused on facilitating the students to score more marks in the upcoming board exams.

Tally Workshop for Teachers

Tally Workshop for Teachers conducted by – Smt R Usha of Commerce Dept. attended a one day workshop for Tally Software.

Career Counselling for Commerce Students – By Tycoon Academy

Career Options in the field of Commerce – A mentoring session was organised for Class XI & XII Commerce students.

International year of periodic table the -150th Anniversary

Chinmaya Vidyalaya Higher Secondary School Virugambakkam & Association of Chemistry Teachers u/c of HBCSE- TIFR , MUMBAI - JOINTLY PRESENTED IYPT 2019. The celebration aimed at inspiriting chemistry in young minds. An inter school competition for std XI and XII was organized. Quiz - play your elements & Symposium a paper presentation on the topics periodic table of younger chemists or Chemistry contribution in the year 2030 for the sustainable development of man kind. The event witnessed participation from 13 schools

Python Tricks

‘Python Tricks’ – An Orientation programme for STD XII – Computer Science students An eye opener for the students on the industry front . The session highlighted on the topics ..
Python in future
Python in designing
Python with database
Python with web applications and so on

Master Minds

Quiz Programme for Computer Science Students – conducted by SRM Institute of Science and Technology, Ramapuram in the School Campus.
48 students of STD XI and XII participated in the written quiz competition based on technical, analytical, general knowledge and subject knowledge skills. P Aravind and Deepash of STD XI won the Ist and the IInd place – the merit certificates were distributed by the faculty of SRM college.

Career Guidance Programme for Commerce Students – STD XI & XII

Resource Person from T.I.M.E – orientated the students on different courses available in the filed of commerce apart from C.A and LLB.

Maths Orientation for Teachers

Maths Dept. – CVHSS hosted a two day Orientation Programme for the teachers from Neighbourhood schools based on STD XII New Syllabus 2019

Leadership through Public speaking

‘A great leader is not a follower of consensus, he is a moulder of consensus’.
The office bearers and class monitors were inducted on what – ‘Leadership is for the Leaders’, by Sri Rajeev Nambiar, a distinguished toastmaster and a renowned public speaker. The session focussed on the topics - Potential in us, Responsibilities as a leader etc.

Inspire Camp

SSN College of Engineering and Department of Science and Technology, Govt. of India organized the Inspire camp to promote research and innovations among students. Six students of our Vidyalaya participated in the 5 day camp held at SSN college. Aishwarya of STD XI was certified as the best outstanding in physics.

Scope of Space Studies

An induction course and scope for space studies was organised exclusively for the students of STD XI. The organisers detailed the making of new satellites, rockets, drone making, satellite making etc. They were also informed about the certification course available.

Workshops for students

Orientation Programme for STD XII Students organised by Chinmaya Civil Services Academy, conducted at CVHSS on July 25th 2019.The students were detailed on various career options available at Chinmaya University and why a student should choose chinmaya university of civil services.

Workshops for students

MilMun 2019 Eight students of our Vidyalaya participated in the Model United Nations 2019, organised by PSBB Millennium. Among 400 students from 20 schools, two of our students – J Balamugunth and M K Arjun were given the Verbal Mention representing the country.

Counselling for girls - Hygine

Chemistry workshop for teachers

Sri Duraichandran – Chemistry Dept. was the resource person for the Orientation Programme – “Syllabus - New Text Book STD XII” – for Govt. School Teachers held at Ashok Nagar Girls Hr Sec School (19th June to 21st June 2019). Faculties from the Chemistry Dept. Smt Chitra and Smt Nithya had an opportunity to attend the same.

Workshop @ Taylor's Road for new teachers

A one day Training Programme for the new teachers of the Vidyalaya was organised by CV Taylor’s Road on June 5th 2019. . Swami Anookulanandaji, guiding force of CIRS, Director, Resident Acharya CIRS, addressed the teachers on the topic…

(i) CVP
(ii) Significance of Value Based Education
(iii) Positive health Test

and so on. Five teachers from our Vidyalaya attended the same

Orientation for teachers at Karaikudi

Parichaya @ CIRS for new teachers

Workshops – Students

Women Empowerment Programme

“Character, Intelligence, Strength & Style - makes beauty “. To boost the confidence in girls that “I” , can make a big impact in the society a workshop on life-education covering various modules was organised for the girls of class XI & XII.

Leadership Programme – Action DNA

To improve the personal skills of all the office bearers and class monitors of the Vidyalaya a session on Leadership Qualities was conducted in our Vidyalaya on 11th July 2018 organized by “Action DNA” organization. Mr Kaleel Rahaman representative from the organization revealed on the following topics .. Slef Management, Manager Vs Leaders, Leadership Styles, Coaching & Counseling, Group Dynamism & Team Building etc…

Career Guidance – for Commerce Students

Commerce Dept. organized a Career Guidance Programme for class XI & XII commerce students on July 12th 2018. The purpose was to create an awareness to the students about various options available after their XII Std. The resource person was our Alumni Siddarth – the youngest one to complete the professional course of CA & CMA. He assured the students to give individual counseling for bettwe career.

Wonder of Work

The students, staff and parents of Chinmaya Vidyalaya HSS attended the Gita Gnana Yagna – “Wonder of Work” a two days programme (21 st & 22 nd July 2018) at Chinmaya Vidyalaya CBSE campus Virugambakkam. H.H Swami Mitranandaji enlightened the audience on 3 rd chapter of Bhagavad Gita – Karma Yoga. Students and parents were shown the clippings of Upanishad Ganga and also elucidated on qualities of hard working and the frame work of four stages of life -

(1) Sisya, or Brahmacarya, (2) Grihastha, (3) Vanaprastha, and (4) Samnyasa.

Innovations 2K18 @ SRM Ramapuram

Students of our Vidyalaya had an opportunity to participate in the State level Innovations 2k18 Science Exhibition conducted by SRM university. They were the competitors among 30 schools with nearly 200 students. Our students had displayed their exhibits on working models – light, sound transmission through solar, app developed for understanding of mathematical formulas and multimedia design – on the spot creation on the topic my country. The children were given exposure towards becoming an entrepreneur.

Workshops - Teacher

Sri Duraichandran – Chemistry Dept. was the resource person for the Orientation Programme – “Syllabus - New Text Book STD XII” – for Govt. School Teachers held at Ashok Nagar Girls Hr Sec School (19 th June to 21 st June 2019). Faculties from the Chemistry Dept. Smt Chitra and Smt Nithya had an opportunity to attend the same

Chemistry Orientation for teachers

“Coming together is beginning, Remaining together is progress, Working together is success”. Orienting the teachers for the new XI STD Syllabus was accomplished in the vidyalaya by the chemistry Dept. The eminent resources persons were from IIT madras, whole wholeheartedly 30 to 40 teachers from neighborhood schools were the participants

CVP - Master Trainer Programme

The new staff members and the senior teachers of the vidyalaya were promulgated with the implementation of curriculum through CVP by our CVP Coordinator Smt P Aarthi.

Smt Raja Rajeswari, Vice Principal of our Vidyalaya participated in the “Total Quality Management Leadership Programme” conducted by CCMT education cell at CIRS – Coimbatore.
The workshop focused on the needs of stake holders, good governance, administration and leadership role in the vidyalayas.

“Emerging Challenges to Learning Culture” – a workshop for all the Chinmaya Vidyalaya Teachers on Pedagogical tools and techniques was conducted at taylor’s Road in the month of June. Mr G Balasubramaniyan addressed the teachers on the topics …..
Current trends in curriculum.
Role of the new generation teachers.
Challenges of 21 st generation teaching – learning process.
Body language of a teacher in the class room
And so on…….

The psychological aspects of the students was the highlight of the session. From our Vidyalaya the new teaching staff – Smt HemaMalini, Smt AndalVishnu Priya, Smt Periyanayagi and Smt Rathna Sarvotham attended the workshop.