Young Sustainability Champion

Rakshaa of VIII D, has completed the course I am a Young Sustainable Champion (YSC) developed by Singapore Government. The Course is divided into two categories Junior and Senior. She took part in the Senior category which is for 13-17 yrs. To achieve a sustainable society, it is important that everyone plays a part to change, acquire new habits and practices. This course intends to help children learn about the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), teach them to others and take action to realise them. The course contains 20 tasks each designed to learn SDGs in an unique and fun manner related to Sustainable Development. The answers to the tasks can be presented as a photo, poster, essay, video or presentation or experiment(which will be designed by the organisation). Each task contains a grade which will be awarded based on the participant creativity, presentation, content and the originality of the content. Each task has to be submitted online with the required solution that demonstrates the understanding of the task. Lecturers/scientists who were part of the Singapore Science Center review and provide feedback as and when submitted. Feedback provided helped Raksha to improve the content/understanding things better. She achieved 100% in all the tasks. The genre of each task varies from the others. Her personal favourites were video creation, board games and experiments. Here is a snapshot of various tasks done by her.

As part of the course Raksha conducted different surveys to find out how many people were aware of the SDGs. She also made online presentations to a panel of members from the Singapore Science Center for a predefined set of questions. The presentation was very well appreciated and post the review three people including Raksha were selected to get featured on their website.
Raksha has been awarded with a badge and certificate on the successful completion of the course.